sylvia Borgo: The shot of the car is BEAUTIFUL! 6.15.08, 12:51AM
Kat: Hey! I recognize this wedding! I haven’t checked your blog in awhile, but I was looking through the archives and was really excited to see this – it’s my favorite wedding I ever assisted you on 🙂 I hope you’re doing well – it looks like you are! I am graduating soon, perhaps it’s time to visit California? 8.31.07, 4:08PM
Joanna: Do you submit these to the magazine or does the couple do that? How does that work? 8.5.07, 12:06AM
jewels: hey! i just saw the magazine at the grocery store…while i was shopping w/my 4 y.o. daughter…Your photos looked SUPER FABULOUS in the magazine…but my 4yo said "ok mom, NO MORE WEDDING PHOTOS" really loud. 😉 8.2.07, 5:06PM
jen: wow. that is amazing. great job. 8.1.07, 10:37PM
Anne: Congrats Jess- you’re so great with the details!! I looooooove Bride & Bloom magazine – it’s definitely one of the best magazines out there! Thanks for reminding me to get the new copy!! 8.1.07, 4:53PM
David BRENOT: Hello, Jessica, What’s beautiful pictures ! I like your style, and i whait you come in France ! I know you are familly in Switzland ! See you soon in France with Planche Contact ! 8.1.07, 3:08PM
Krystal McGee: Your pictures are inspiring and I am in awe. I believe you are one of the best wedding photographers out there! You definately give Jerry Ghonis and Yervant a run for thier money! Regards from Oz 8.1.07, 5:25AM
travelphilippines: wow great pics…. 7.30.07, 10:24AM
Lanne: It is a stunning wedding. Gorgeous use of colour..without being over the top. And the photos.. oh… the photos. well done once again Jessica! 7.29.07, 4:55PM
david baxter: very nice work once again jessica. love the aisle shot. btw, how’s your dog becker? looks like you had some fun at the oc fair. wish i would’ve been there with everyone. 7.29.07, 2:21AM
Kris: I just picked that mag up last week and recognized your pictures immediately. Fabulous, as usual! Congrats!!! 🙂 7.28.07, 10:39AM
Sara France: I am sure you know but I have to say the images on that wedding are amazing! Great job on the details! Love the car! 7.27.07, 7:49PM
melissa Rich: yea for you!!! I saw this on the stands a couple weeks ago…in Colorado and of course bought it! and saw you in there! ROCK ON! 7.27.07, 7:11PM