ethel: hi jessica claire, i am a cousin of Lauren here in the Philippines, unfortunately i was not able to attend their wedding, but luckily thanks to the internet for having invited me again by my beautiful and sexy cousin to view their wedding. I was really impressed of your photos specially with your colors! It was like a movie with a very stunning production design! I was also able to see my beautiful Aunt Flory (Lauren’s mom) and Uncle Larry (Lauren’s dad) very very happy. How i miss my Aunt so much!! I hope i could visit my cousin there soon and have pictorial moments with you! Good Job Jessica Claire! 8.14.07, 1:58AM
Kim: Simply amazing! I especially love the after ceremony site and the vibrant colors. It was also great to finally meet you after admiring your work for so long. 8.6.07, 1:03AM
Lauren and Adam: We can’t wait to see the rest of the pictures!!!! 🙂 We love love love the slideshow….thank you for capturing all the emotion and love behind our big day. 8.5.07, 2:55AM
BostonJess: Jessica, you’re such an inspiration… sometimes i get a good laugh when i think of how much you have influenced me and my style and you have no idea i even exist! Thanks as always for capturing moments the way they should be captured, and inspiring the rest of us to make that magic happen for our own clients. -J 8.2.07, 8:47AM
debs: hey…she used the same officiant as i did. he’s the best. btw…love your pictures as always. this song rocks too 8.1.07, 11:50PM
david BRENOT: What’s a beautiful slideshow ! I used too showit web of my friend david Jay ! I love your style and your shoot ! 8.1.07, 3:11PM
sally: what kind of software do you use for your slideshows? 8.1.07, 2:13PM
Krista: The pictures turned out fabulous!!! Now I know why Lauren was so adamant about having you as her photographer. My favorite parts of the slideshow are all the pictures of the little details that many photographers would have left out. 7.31.07, 6:48PM
jessica claire: I know that technically the words to the song suck a little bit but I LOVE the melody and think it is so joyful! 7.30.07, 8:46PM
Maricar : You are a terrific photographer! I don’t know how you do it, but you sure have quality work. I also remember how comfortable you made everyone feel while you took the pictures. Whatever you charge, I’m sure it’s worth every penny. 7.30.07, 6:31PM
MJ: These are gorgeous pictures. I think they are the most lovely and emotional wedding pictures I have ever seen. But what an unfortunate choice of music! The lyrics describe the end of a relationship, not exactly the effect one would desire for a wedding, I would think. 7.30.07, 1:40PM
Ana Gabriela: STUNNING!! 7.29.07, 10:46PM
Anna H.: Jessica…you’re truly talented b/c of your innate ability to create such stunning and unique photos of the lovely couple and ceremony. I’m facincated with your work and excited to watch your next masterpiece. 7.29.07, 9:54PM
Patty: Your talent amazes me. Beautiful photos! =) 7.29.07, 6:03PM
White Chocolate: Breathtaking!!! 7.29.07, 6:01PM
Mini Suzie: WOW! Beautiful Pictures and you really captured the atmosphere of everything… beautiful wedding… like a dream wedding. Keep up the good work. :))) 7.29.07, 3:54AM
roony: Beautiful pictures! I love the location of the "after-ceremony" pictures and how you brought out its beauty as well as the love of the bride and groom. 7.29.07, 1:36AM
Christina: The pictures are beautiful! You have such a great eye at capturing each moment. Your photos are amazing and you can really feel the love and emotion of the entire event. 7.27.07, 9:30AM
Leanna: Your pictures are so unique and just beautiful! Looking forward to ordering some for our portfolio (we were the florists 😉 Hoping we can work together again soon! 7.26.07, 11:14PM
Doug Yuen: Wow. Glad I took a minute to check out the slideshow. When my mail-order bride comes, you can do my wedding too! 7.26.07, 9:42PM
dlayra: my godness! I am crying right now! I love your work a lot, and first time I am writing something to you.. jessica, you are my idol for photography.. great! 7.26.07, 7:20AM
Mary C. Anderson: I love all of the pictures that you took. You captured even the smallest detail of the wedding. Your work is phenomenal. Mary 7.26.07, 2:37AM
Becka J.: What a beautiful, fairy tale wedding. Kudos to Jessica for capturing the emotion and excitement on film. 7.25.07, 3:00PM
Shelly Bailey: WOW! I did not attend the wedding but felt like I was there. It was beautiful. Loved the music…it was perfect! 7.25.07, 1:44PM
Liliana: Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous pictures! =-) 7.25.07, 1:02PM
Keri: Beautiful work as usual Jessica! I especially love the dance floor shot where Lauren & Adam are in focus but the BG seems to be spinning around them….that is neat! 7.25.07, 8:24AM
Debbie: That’s an amazing slideshow! Absolutely beautiful photos. They really capture the essence of the wedding. 7.25.07, 1:27AM
cindy: incredible slideshow jessica! what is the song? 7.24.07, 9:44PM
Amy DeYoung: Happy Birthday Jessica! I hope you had a great day. I just got the Shootsac and LOVE it!! Thanks for being such an inspiration to us all 🙂 7.24.07, 5:24PM
Larry T: Amazing artwork as one would expect from Jessica. Beautiful couple aand beautiful shots. 7.24.07, 2:51PM
sharibarnes: Beautiful images and slideshow! Happy Birthday too! Ü 7.24.07, 9:36AM
Angela: Wow!!! I’m sold… I’ll probably be giving you a call some time in the near future. Your work is ABSOLUTELY amazing! Your work captures the very essence of true love in these photos. Lauren & Adam are SUCH a beautiful couple… very easily seen from these photos. Great work and happy b-day!!! 7.24.07, 2:31AM
Rosanna: Simply amazing pictures, I’m always in awe of all your weddings but there is something really special about these two that is irresistible. 7.24.07, 1:55AM
Alisha: Happy b-day girl. Holla! 7.23.07, 8:02PM
becca: Simply beautiful. Bu yeah…I was thinking the same thing, the slideshow went a little too fast to appreciate all the amazing details of the pictures. 7.23.07, 7:39PM
frank: i bet lauren and adam are thrilled with these. i really like the shots in front of the building with yellow siding. everything looks great! 7.23.07, 6:31PM
Yolanda Williams: Beautiful as usual Jessica! I hope that this is your best birthday ever! Lucky couple to have a 07-07 wedding date and you as their photographer. I was pretty lucky too, as that was my birthday! Again… Happy Birthday to you and many more! 7.23.07, 5:36PM
Lindsey: So lovely! Thanks for sharing the entire slideshow. I am a weddingbee blogger too (Miss Onion) so I’m thrilled to see Lauren’s photos! Cheers. 7.23.07, 5:35PM
Maureen: Love these! Your weddings are always amazing 😉 happy birthday too! 7.23.07, 11:01AM
Julie Lim: Happy Birthday Jessica! Awesome, beautiful slideshow as always. Love your work 🙂 7.23.07, 10:39AM
Eileen Ngo: Happy Birthday Jessica! I love your work! 7.23.07, 8:58AM
Liz Winsby: Happy Birthday Jessica! these photos are breathtaking! 7.23.07, 8:15AM
Calvin Tamás: Great wedding of course! HAppy Belated too! Sorry it is a day late! Hope you had a good night! 7.23.07, 6:52AM
Scarlett Lillian: Happy Birthday Jess! You are such an inspiration to so many. I hope all your birthday wishes come true! And fabulous photos of this wedding too! 7.23.07, 1:55AM
Daniella: I wish that I could get married again just to have you photograph it 7.23.07, 1:06AM
Daniella: Thanks for letting us know what program that you use! Your weddings are so inspirational and they almost bring tears to my eyes. I’m always anxious to see your next shoot. I’m so glad that one of my photographer friends point me in your direction! 7.23.07, 1:05AM
Roz: Happy B-Day Jessica! Gorgeous…brilliant…breathtaking… I’m speechless for once. LOL! 🙂 7.22.07, 11:49PM
Fresh Floral Art: Happy Birthday! Beautiful Wedding 7.22.07, 10:58PM
Andreanna: Happy Birthday 🙂 I love this wedding, so fun!! 7.22.07, 10:55PM
Eric Gomez: Jessica, What’s the name of this song? I love it! 7.22.07, 10:37PM
Jennifer: Happy Bday Jessica! I’ve admired your work for so long and have a been a quiet blog reader, but what better day to post for the first time! Awesome slideshow as usual. Thank you for the inspiration you give me always! 7.22.07, 10:33PM
Sinead: Happy Birthday, Jess. Hope it was fabulous!! 7.22.07, 10:26PM
Alea : Hey there! Firstly Happy Birthday! may all your birthday wishes come true!! 😉 I just thought id mention that the slideshow for Lauren and Adam’s wedding is really Nick and Jennel’s ;p Can’t wait to see their pictures! 7.22.07, 9:51PM
Jess Strickland: Happy Birthday Jess!!!! Hope it’s awesome!!! 🙂 7.22.07, 9:47PM
ScotWharton: Happy Birthday Jessica — I hope you enjoy that veggie BBQ thing-a-ma-jig that [b] got for you! =) 7.22.07, 9:25PM
leah g: Happy Birthday!!! 7.22.07, 9:22PM
Jasmine*: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! xoxo….jasmine* 7.22.07, 9:05PM
DJ: Gorgeous shots! ….as always! 7.22.07, 9:04PM
Juliet: Beautiful! But the slideshow goes too fast and doesn’t haven an option to view the gallery.. 7.22.07, 8:58PM
Tony Yu: Happy 21st b-day!!! (that sounds about right). Great stuff as usual, gorgeous wedding. 7.22.07, 8:50PM
Mom: Happy Birthday to my favorite daughter! Enjoy your day. Love, Mom 7.22.07, 8:15PM
Amy: Happy Birthday! Hope you’re having a fabulous day! Oh- great photos too 🙂 7.22.07, 7:55PM
Robin DePaula: Happy Birthday, Jessica! These are awesome as usual!!! 7.22.07, 7:30PM
Serena: happy birthday jessica! 7.22.07, 7:15PM
Shy: Happy Happy Birthday My love!!! 7.22.07, 7:04PM
pam: love all the fotos! 7.22.07, 6:46PM Beautiful work(as always) and happy birthday too. 🙂 I`d wish you could slow down the slideshow speed a notch(or two) Cheers Amund. 7.22.07, 6:41PM