D Baker: Gell Well Soon 7.16.07, 2:39PM
dan: More Photos Please!! 7.12.07, 7:05AM
jessica claire: ron, i have no idea what you’re talking about! if someone posted some kind of question/contest, it wasn’t me. i’m sorry! 7.8.07, 1:39AM
Courtney: "Happy 4th, Jessica!" I had to participate in this, what a cute little toy! I love checking in on your blog, great work! 7.5.07, 12:44AM
ron storer: I believe the answer is 20 normal colors with an additional 10 coming out…so that is 30 Shootsac colors! Whoo hooo where are we going for lunch Jessica? 7.4.07, 7:58PM
Betriska: Whoops – I missed adding my website! 7.4.07, 1:11PM
Betriska: How totally fab are YOU! B. in Charlotte, too! 7.4.07, 1:09PM
Sarah Q: darn 🙁 7.4.07, 11:37AM
jessica claire: I didn’t post that, sorry! 7.4.07, 11:32AM
Michelle: Michelle in Atlanta posted: 2 am PST, I wanna shootsac! – Love your site – pictures are so inspirational! Keep them coming – *kisses* 7.4.07, 11:08AM
Sarah Q: Hmmmm … did you leave that "Win a Shootsac" message??? I’ll guess what time you’re gonna update! 10:00 California Time 🙂 Now where’s my bag?! 7.4.07, 11:04AM
Y Williams: Happy 4th Jessica! 7.4.07, 8:07AM
Yolanda: Yolanda wrote: Stalking from Charlotte NC! 7.4.07, 8:06AM
jessica claire: you guys are harsh! i’ll post some more tonight or tomorrow 🙂 7.3.07, 8:01PM
Sarah: "I should be editing right now" Thanks for giving me another distraction, Jess 🙂 Sarah / Roxy and Kai Photography 7.3.07, 4:39PM
Megan: Happy 4th of July! (almost) 7.3.07, 3:59PM
Jamie Delaine: I think we need a decoder. Somebody just wrote "r oa l oxF mz shpptTac(" — any takers? 7.3.07, 12:12PM
Tiffany: Enjoy Life! 7.2.07, 3:25PM
Kathryn: "Jess Rocks da HOUSE!" Oh yeah!!! Thanks for the AMEN Jamie 😉 Now Jess, aren’t you supposed to be editing instead of seeing what fabulous things we come up with? 😉 7.2.07, 11:34AM
Jamie Delaine: Somebody else has "Jess Rocks da House" I added a much needed (AMEN!) 7.2.07, 10:58AM
Michael: "Got to see free wedding" 7.2.07, 9:27AM
Lindsey Janies: Patience is a virtue. 🙂 7.2.07, 8:36AM
C.J. Scott: My Friend Streaked at the World Cup! He totally did it earlier today. I’m still in shock. 7.2.07, 4:10AM
Fred Egan: Just for the record, I DID NOT put "Fred Egan is a hottie"!! 7.2.07, 1:44AM
Fred Egan: "Fred Egan is for Lovers ;)" Have a great Monday Jess!! 7.2.07, 1:34AM
jessica claire: whose birthday?? 7.1.07, 11:41PM
Natalie: Hey Jess I soo cant wait for you to shoot my wedding in like 10 years haha:) (didnt know if you saw that or not:) 7.1.07, 11:24PM
dane: shameless 😉 7.1.07, 11:07PM
dan: "The ‘We Did’s’ are H O T! 7.1.07, 10:37PM
jessica claire: I’m not getting to see most of these so leave a comment with what you posted! Thanks natalie! 7.1.07, 9:20PM
Natalie barlow: hey! haha I didnt have room to write my name but the one about the wedding was me:) 7.1.07, 9:10PM
Juliana: what!? Jen got a shootsac already!! ok, now I really need one!! who one the contest BTW? woohoo more pictures! (I left you a note lol) 7.1.07, 2:03PM
Jen Caputo: Too fun, can’t wait to see the edited pics! I got my shootsac this weekend and am so excited, took it out to a Chicago music/food fetival this weekend and it was perfect! So comfortable and convenient!!! 7.1.07, 11:57AM
Heather: Love your work. 7.1.07, 11:35AM
Jamie Delaine: You are fabulous. 7.1.07, 11:01AM
gina: you inspire! 7.1.07, 10:21AM
ania: This won me over from the lurkerside….very fun! 🙂 And while I’m here — LOVE LOVE LOVE your shots but I guess you knew that already..thank you so much for sharing those wonderful pictures all the time! Youre such an inspiration! 🙂 🙂 7.1.07, 3:55AM
Nathan Rodger: This is hilarious!! Great to see (b)! 7.1.07, 3:49AM