Ann: Holy Crap, these are FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Did it help that the couple is GEORGEOUS? 🙂 7.15.07, 12:29AM
Christian: wow excellent how you have composed and beautiful light total inspiration Christian 7.11.07, 6:57PM
Lynette van Barrelo: These photos are AMAZING! I love that the bride and groom weren’t all caught up in convention! Love that she rolled in the surf with her wedding gown. You captured the whole steamy, romantic vibe fabulously! I’m off to spread rumours now! Maybe you’d like to fly out to Australia some time??? 7.11.07, 6:30PM
Lynette van Barrelo: These photos are AMAZING! I love that the bride and groom weren’t all caught up in convention! Love that she rolled in the surf with her wedding gown. You captured the whole steamy, romantic vibe fabulously! I’m off to spread rumours now! Maybe you’d like to fly out to Australia some time??? 7.11.07, 6:30PM
Kristi Smith: These are the most beautiful wedding photos I have seen. So crisp and what a gorgeous couple!!! 7.11.07, 11:46AM
Amy Martin: These are so gorgeous. Looks like you lucked out with those stormy clouds t on the last pics… beautiful! 7.9.07, 5:27PM
jessica claire: Anderson–no, not on these ones. These either have no actions, just custom stuff or Kevin Kubota A&F. 7.5.07, 12:45PM
Marta: Oh…These are some of the most beautiful couple shots I have ever seen! 7.5.07, 11:17AM
anderson: You used BOUTWELL plugin ‘totally rad) on this pics? 7.4.07, 12:50PM
Selena: Those photos are HOT!! Such beautiful work!!! 7.3.07, 10:22AM
kara pennington: Awesome shots, Jessica! I love the colorful ones and the beach ones are GORGEOUS!!! 7.2.07, 6:01PM
Lynne: I just love viewing your creations, these are gorgeous and boy are they lucky to have hired you! 7.2.07, 2:29PM
Elizabeth Pellette: Holy Lava Rock beach batman these shots are all brilliant 7.2.07, 7:13AM
Victoria: WOW. Fabulous, fabulous work Jessica! Amazing as always! 7.1.07, 3:38PM
Keana: Your work always takes my breath away. You are amazing! 7.1.07, 10:29AM
Carmen: You are a true inspiration!!!! Incredible work!! 7.1.07, 10:04AM
{carried}: GORGEOUS shots, locations, & COUPLE. We are going to HI for 5 wks and had plan on going to a black sand beach on the big island and get some ‘trash the dress’ shots. Seeing these photos are great inspirations. Awesome work like always 6.30.07, 9:08PM
tara k: AH! I knew he was persian when I saw yesterday’s slideshow! Gorgeous gorgeous ! If only I had a photographer like you ten years ago….. maybe someday we will renew our vows and commision you for the celebration. 6.30.07, 7:42PM
jessica claire: allan, I think it has to do with trust. Laying facedown in black sand wasn’t their first choice of activities for the day, but because they’ve seen my work both with them and other couples, they trused me to make the best photos i could, and were willing to do what i asked of them to get that best effort from me. It’s a two way street–I can do a great job but not without some cooperation and trust! 6.30.07, 6:43PM
allan z.: jess, how do you convince them to do things like that. I mean, we know it is worth it because we have the vision. But a lot of times i get turned down, and makes me feel like if i’m doing something wrong…i get a bad look from them :/ 6.30.07, 6:27PM
Jamie Delaine: Amazing. What a beautiful setting. My favourite is the last. You are fantastic, girl. 6.30.07, 4:03PM
megan: Those are all fabulous, especially #10, backlit on the lava rocks. Really beautiful! 6.30.07, 2:09PM
Jessica: Wow, beautiful as always. I agree with some of the others that pointed out the second to last picture as really standing out. They are a stunning couple and you captured them beautifully. Thanks for sharing! 6.30.07, 1:14PM
Tony: Jess, simply amazing! 6.30.07, 12:06PM
Kelly Barclay: There are just no longer any adjective’s left to describe your photos. "Perfection" I guess sums it up. 6.30.07, 8:07AM
David Akesson: Fabulous. Wonderful. Very romantic and sexy. That last shot on the lava rocks with backlighting is beautiful. And down on the "beach" sand is really intimate. If they don’t love these in 40 years time they are too hard to please!!! 6.30.07, 12:07AM
Kristi : This hits home. We lived on Maui for 6 yrs. and moved back after the kids were born. Just seeing these places again! Such beautiful portraits. DYING TO KNOW WHAT LENS AND CAMERA SETTINGS. Your WB is always right on and exposure perfect. The sun, the black sand the white clothing.. how do you do it!!?? 6.29.07, 9:46PM
Leah G: These shots are absolutely beautiful. Fabulous work! 6.29.07, 7:00PM
Juliana: If I die I want to come back as your camera. great work, great job getting her to trust you. 6.29.07, 6:14PM
Jen Harris: The location is amazing and the photos…WOW! Beautiful work! 6.29.07, 5:38PM
Marianne Lozano: Gorgeous images! Your work is very inspiring! 6.29.07, 5:35PM
Jasmine*: Those are two of the hottest doctors. Ever. I think they belong on the set of ER…not acutally working in the ER! 😉 Beautiful…beautiful work, Jess! 6.29.07, 5:16PM
megan b: yowza! 6.29.07, 5:08PM
Wiki: Love the photos here… beautiful, creative and inspiring… Great works, sometimes I wonder how you can come up with the shots. Really learn just by viewing your works. 6.29.07, 4:59PM
Judy: Incredible….absolutely incredible! I love the moody sky. Your work is simply amazing! 6.29.07, 4:23PM
maile: gorgeous as usual. 6.29.07, 4:05PM
C.J. Scott: Your images are so beautiful it hurts!!! 6.29.07, 3:11PM
Erin: The second to last shot is absolutely stunning. They all are, but that one really speaks to me. Such depth. 6.29.07, 2:35PM
david baxter: wow! isn’t hawaii awesome!! your photos truly capture exactly how it looks in person. you are incredible!!! 6.29.07, 2:07PM
Jolene: These are amazing! Some of my favorites to date! 6.29.07, 1:45PM
Cindy: Jessica, these are so beautiful!! What lens were you using in the Waianapanapa shots? We go to Maui every summer, the Paia shots are wonderful. Can you post some more of the places you stopped for pictures? I’m sure everyone else wants to see more too! 6.29.07, 1:43PM
carrie: these are extraordinary. no.’s 1 thru 7 and the last three are SO gorgeous. as fun as the slideshow is, i like a selection of images from you best – they have MUCH more of an impact for me 😉 -c 6.29.07, 1:25PM
Deb: These are all so amazing! You are an inspiration! Lucky couple for having you there and lucky you for such a great couple!! 6.29.07, 1:18PM
Detra: I love these!! Here I am in SC and had NO idea about black sand beaches! I have to see one! My fav’s are #4 and #10, but they are all great! 6.29.07, 1:15PM
liz winsby: amazing!!!! 6.29.07, 1:03PM
matt + angie sloan: we loved this shoot! great stuff! once we went to hana and i had never been more sick to my stomach. we did though play on the same beaches. and did you see any of the waterfalls? 6.29.07, 1:03PM
Lu: Loved the last shot. It was amazing. That black sand was just stunning, though i can understand why she didn’t want to lie down in it. Great shoot Jessica. 6.29.07, 12:40PM
Amanda: Absolutely amazing. My favorite is the 9th, the lighting, the setting, everything about it is gorgeous. 6.29.07, 12:40PM
D Baker: Very cool! Love the next to last. These are all great. Checking our your blog is like taking a mini vacation. Great job! 6.29.07, 12:38PM