Darren House: I love Ben & Jerrys ice cream, excellent choice mmmm 6.26.07, 5:36PM
Miguel Servellon: You have a page and spectacular photographies. Congratulations 6.26.07, 10:48AM
James Day: Meeting Jesh is an incredible experience. My girlfriend regularly quotes him regularly on his thoughts about love and life and spirituality after we both met with him last week. Thanks for your post Jess. 6.23.07, 7:06PM
Matthew Saville: Wow, what a gathering of talent! I can’t even imagne what it would be like to have a circle of friends like that… -Matt- 6.23.07, 4:09AM
Fred Egan: Jess-I am growing to appreciate our friendship…your unabashed honesty, straightforward mentality and your humility are just a few of your characteristics I benefit from when we are together. Thank you so much for your generosity towards me-I look forward to returning the favor 🙂 6.22.07, 11:25PM
Shy: Jess… what an incredible blessing to have you in my life. I glean so much from your strength and giving… thank you for giving me the pleasure of being apart of YOUR life. 🙂 xoxo 6.22.07, 11:24PM
Jamie Delaine: As a younger photographer just starting my business I can’t wait to join in all these great workshops in a few years! I feel like I know everybody in this post, mainly because I blogstalk you all, so it would be neat if we met one day. 6.22.07, 6:48PM
Cristy Cross: Thanks for sharing this heart felt post. I think you hit it right on the nose for Fred. I so wish I was able to be apart of this! I love checking out your blog! You are wonderful! 6.22.07, 6:07PM
Diane: Jessica … thank you for sharing this wonderful circle that surrounds you and supports you and your art. Oh … and you’re not so bad yourself … artist … adventurer … inventor. wink. 6.22.07, 12:13PM
jessica claire: just checked jasmine’s blog–it’s totally fine! 6.22.07, 10:39AM
Nick Haskins: Jasmine’s link is broken! 6.22.07, 8:37AM
Nick Haskins: That is so awesome! I sooooo wish I had cool photographer friends to eat ice cream with! You are so lucky to have such wonderful friends. God bless 6.22.07, 8:18AM
laura: wow sounds like an amazing experience. i totally agree with your sentiments about Jesh. He is extremely gifted at understanding the deeper aspects to relationships and life – quite an amazing guy! 6.22.07, 7:01AM
marisa holmes: Thanks for all the kind words Jess! I know you have it in you as well…I’ll help motivate you when we get back home. I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed spending time with you in Seatlle. Being brides together was so much fun! I can’t wait to take our new ideas and shoot together next week in Hawaii. Yay, more girl time! 6.22.07, 1:41AM
Jasmine*: I think I have tears in my eyes, Jess!!! Thanks for making this trip one of the most memorable….I’m truly blessed to be surrounded by some amazing people. xoxo… 6.22.07, 12:40AM
Crystal: Wow! Sounds like a conversation I would have loved to have been in on. Nothing beats good, long, heartfelt conversation with friends. Enjoy the rest of your time there! 6.21.07, 11:38PM
Ann: many of those links don’t work 6.21.07, 10:55PM
patrick|dwf: thanks for sharing, it actually seems like a really cool workshop with also attracted an interesting mix of talent and personalities as well. i had it my calendar but with too many conflicts. staying up late solving the big mysteries of the world… sounds like college/university all over again! 🙂 6.21.07, 10:17PM
[ b ] e c k e r: i wish i could have made it! 6.21.07, 9:56PM