Christina: Is there a way to find out where the bridesmaids dresses from alice & sam’s wedding are from? 7.6.07, 6:27PM
matt: Your color is always soooo amazing! 6.3.07, 6:28PM
Christine Saunders: Gorgeous! The shot with the veil swooshing in the foreground literally took my breath away. I’m more of a lurker but was absolutely intrigued to post when I saw these photos. Love all of your work. 5.29.07, 5:00PM
Deidre DeMier-Guttsen: Jessica – Absolutely STUNNING!!! I was a guest at this wedding and work closely with the Yoo family. You did an amazing job capturing heart and soul of this incredible couple at their fairytale wedding. Kudos… 5.26.07, 12:44PM
Alisha: Great work Jess, we love you! ~Luke and Ali 5.23.07, 11:50PM
Lanne: Loving the socks..hahaha.. and the photographer that came to shoot with you – is he the groom from the shoot with the B-EEEEAUTIFUL bride from the shoot you did (around shootsac maybe) with the antique look – .. she is easily the most beautiful woman I have seen in a LONG time. Stunning stuff… great shots jessica.. another star performance 5.23.07, 5:14AM
Heather Behlendorf: Shot #15 is amazing! I started reading your blog through someone’s but I can’t remember who! Great work! Looking forward to getting a Shoot Sac 5.22.07, 8:49PM
Nikki McLeod: Stunning, stunning! You surpass yourself with each wedding. 5.22.07, 6:43PM
Jen: Such great work! Love the sock shot!! FYI, I tried to click on Braedon’s link to view his work, but it didn’t work for me. 5.22.07, 5:49PM
Mom: Just when I think you’re at the top, you come out with pictures like these. Congrats to the happy couple! May you always treasure your photos. 5.22.07, 12:54PM
Ricki Ford: Amazing as allways!! 5.22.07, 12:32PM
Sarah Barlow: Oh!! So beautiful!!! Love the Michael Jackson dance! haha!! 🙂 5.22.07, 9:39AM
Angie: WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 5.22.07, 1:45AM
cristy cross: I absolutely love #12. My husband and I were looking at your blog together and we both said at the same time, "that is beautiful." And I love love the guys socks. Don’t you love fun surprises like that! And I love the bridesmaids dresses. I would so want one of those. 5.21.07, 10:57PM
Stacy Cross: Beautiful – crisp, warm, colorful, delightful – every last picture! Great job. 🙂 5.21.07, 10:41PM
Dexter: Hey Jessica, I was actually at the hotel this weekend with my wife, celebrating our 1st wedding anniversary. I spotted you outside and was so tempted to come up to you and shake your hand and say hi, but I didn’t want to interrupt you! I’ve been a big fan & blog lurker of yours for a long time. Keep up the great work! 5.21.07, 10:41PM
Sara Moon: I’m a major blog stalker of yours, Jessica, and you BLOW ME AWAY. These are just spectacular. You inspire me with everything you do. 5.21.07, 10:28PM
LJ: Fun couple! 🙂 5.21.07, 10:09PM
melissa Rich: OMG…I love those details!!!!!!!!!!! so beautiful! and rockstar use of the vale!!! …when in Rome… 🙂 Great work Jes! 5.21.07, 9:41PM
Fred Egan: Great job Jess! I love how the action portraits you got…and how everything was white and flooded with light. 5.21.07, 9:41PM
Amanda Harris: Beautiful job capturing the movement of the veil and great color and framing as always. 5.21.07, 9:11PM