Kristin Greenlee: I’m dying to get a hold of one of these! How do we pre-order? I know some people have hands on them (are they just your special testers?) I signed-up, but wondered when we could start ordering… Thanks for making a fashionable fuctional bag–we’re all watching to see what’s next from you! 5.16.07, 12:22PM
Jun Dungca: Hi Jessica. I have been following the developments of the Shootsac eversince I read a link from Jeff Ascough’s Wedding PJ Resource site. I read that you were considering finding overseas distributors. If ever you are looking for one in the Philippines, I hope that I will be first on your list. I think that your bag will be very saleable here. Anyway, just let me know and thanks again for this wonderful product. 4.30.07, 9:45AM
candice: Jessica-is there any way to add 1 more to my vegas order?-Candice 4.28.07, 7:58AM
jessica claire: Hi Zack–we’re working on overseas shipping. Sending things overseas is really expensive and sometimes subject to big taxes, so we’re working on some distributors. More info will be available VERY soon! 4.26.07, 2:56PM
zachchin: Hi jessica, first of all, nice photos in your blog! truly amazing! and i saw this Shootsac,was so fascinated with it, u think we from overseas, ie Malaysia can get one? it would be so convenient for me to change lenses! 4.25.07, 11:58AM
Jennifer: I bought one at WPPI and cant wait to receive it. I had a wedding this weekend and was actually fantasizing about using it as I think it will cut down on my clunk factor and multiple belt bags!. Can’t wait! 4.23.07, 10:51PM
Susanne: I want one now! lol, Jessica these are so totally fantastic! Can’t wait to buy one! hurry! 4.21.07, 3:05PM
rebecca: i can’t wait to get one of these!!!!! they look perfect!! 4.20.07, 8:47PM
jessica claire: Laptop bags, check! 4.20.07, 9:33AM
Lani Bresler: Jessica, Thank you so much for sharing this with us! I want one…yesterday! LOL! Lani 4.19.07, 10:41PM
Erin/LaCour: Jess, I’m sure someone else has already said it, but do laptop bags next! my current one is boring and manly. datasac perhaps? : ) 4.19.07, 9:11PM
Jen Lee : I can’t wait, these are so rad! 4.19.07, 1:48PM
jessica claire: Marina–hold tight, it’s coming 🙂 4.18.07, 8:01PM
lauren c.: …i don’t know about everyone else, but i can’t WAIT to get mine!!! everytime the mail man comes, i think, "is today the day?!?!?" : ) 4.18.07, 4:56PM
Marina: After you’ve taken the photographer market by storm, you should start making bags for the non-pro photographer world! I LOVE messenger bags, but they never come in fun fabrics like yours. I would totally buy a bag like this (especially with the interchangeable covers … which is pure genius by the way) just for everyday use. 4.18.07, 2:05PM
jessica claire: Whitney–possibly. The problem is that most fabric is neither stretchy or protective, nor well made enough to become this kind of bag. We’ll see! New things are already in the works. 4.18.07, 12:35PM
Whitney: Just curious if you will ever have a bag that is all in the fun material colors? Or will the actual bag always be black with just the colored flaps? 4.18.07, 11:04AM
ksen: thanks Jessica! You’re the best!! : ) 4.18.07, 8:25AM
Kelly Barclay: Please hurry!! I can’t wait to have one!! That is awesome it holds the 70-200! 4.18.07, 7:33AM
Dede: I can’t wait!!! I am dieing to have one!! 4.18.07, 7:06AM
Teresa: I WANT ONE! HURRY… 4.17.07, 10:36PM
steve bebb: I can’t wait to show off my sac….these KICK ASS! 4.17.07, 10:14PM
jessica claire: Hey Ksenija, all Vegas orders ship right around May 15th, so not too much longer 🙂 4.17.07, 5:10PM
Ksenija: howdy! just awesome…I actually ordered one at WPPI. When should one be expecting it if already ordered? I can’t wait to have it! such a grand idea. 4.17.07, 4:58PM
Andrea: Thanks for the inside details! This is a MUST have. Can’t wait until you release the website. 4.17.07, 4:31PM
~Lauren: Sexy! If I was a photographer, I’d buy two. 😉 4.17.07, 2:21PM
nicole: i can’t wait until i can order one! 😀 hurry hurry! haha 4.17.07, 1:31PM
Abz: WOWZER! 4.17.07, 1:13PM