BIG scott: That’s awesome, congratulations! -Scott at Wallhogs 4.5.07, 12:41AM
Dane: I don’t know which is better, getting in PPMag for the first time or having my name next to Jessica’s :). You’re awesome Jess! 4.4.07, 10:27PM
Mary-Ann Buchanan: That’s great! Congrats on being featured. I just spent an hour following the links and browsing, thanks. 4.4.07, 8:49PM
Mia: That is blogicious! Congrats! 4.4.07, 6:14PM
[ b ] e c k e r: yay for you jess! nice article. i didn’t even though they were going to put my blogs on their too! exciting! 4.4.07, 5:27PM
Chris Humphreys: Congrats Jess! That’s awesome! 🙂 It was great seeing you at Becker’s before WPPI for Poker. Can’t wait to play again. 🙂 Cheers! 4.4.07, 5:24PM
juliana: too cool! You must be so happy lol I would be doin’ a little dance 🙂 And (backtracking for a moment) congtas on the vouge spread! WOWEEE. 4.4.07, 5:16PM