Laura & Brock: Just Because

Although it may not seem like it, there is a big difference between married couples and engaged couples. The may look similar except for a wedding band, but married people know things that

Carly & David’s Wedding

Carly and David are the kind of couple that inspire you to love. They met, dated, got engaged, and got married.  Simple.  None of the drama, the years of drawn out back and forths,

Megumi & Max: Portraits

Last month, I got an email from Megumi (Meg) while I was in England. She mentioned that she and her husband would be in town for a few days and wanted to do some casual portraits!  I’m

Black Swan/White Swan

I saw the movie Black Swan. Who didn’t?  It’s EVERYWHERE!  Even if you didn’t see it in the theater, chances are you saw the gorgeous poster of Natalie Portman in her full on swan

Life’s A Beach: Shoot On Maui

Over the past few years, I feel like I’ve grown to be a regular in Hawaii, and in particular on the island of Maui. My two favorite places to stay and shoot are the Grand Wailea (where this shoot

Cecile & Robert

I kicked off a whirlwind three weeks of traveling in the best possible way: With a couple with SO much personality it was impossible not to have an incredible time with them in Houston

Katie & Dave’s Wedding!

Now that I’m finally back from my travels and (mostly) caught up, it’s time for the fun part–the PICTURES! **don’t forget to watch the slideshow at the end!**This past month has been amazing

A Classic (car) Photo

Hana & Edwin did something I wish more couples would do: Rented a classic car for the day of their wedding that they were able to drive around themselves! Here’s a little peek at their

Holly & Joe’s Wedding

Holly and Joe live in New York, but with their relaxed style and attitudes, you’d never know it! I knew when I met this couple at their engagement session that their wedding would have a sense of

Katie & Dave’s Rehearsal Dinner

Wow, was Katie & Dave’s wedding in Jackson Hole, Wyoming ever a whirlwind! From the rehearsal dinner to our below zero day after session, it was a nonstop eye-boggling experience!First of

Wyoming Sneak Peek

I’ve been on a whirlwind of travel lately and it’s not stopping anytime soon! While I’ve got a minute to breathe, I’m spending time at home with Jeff, making dinner for friends, and playing with

Eliana & Dovid’s Wedding

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again–I LOVE shooting weddings that are different, offbeat, interesting, and unique! Over the course of my career, I’ve had the opportunity to shoot weddings of

A Library Themed Wedding Shoot

Happy Tuesday! Since we’re now in August and since August is the last month that can really be considered Summer pretty much everywhere, I want to post really fun, summery looking things all

A West Virginia Wedding: Part 1

I don’t even know where to start. I’ve been looking and looking at these photos thinking, I can’t actually post THAT many, but I finally had to just give up and give in Marcos & Kalindi’s

Blue Suede Shoes?

Well, more like blue feather shoes 🙂 Just a little sneak peek of a FABULOUS pair of shoes! These are from my last JC/OC

A Very Readable Sneak Peek

For as long as I can remember, I have always LOVED reading. I love all kinds of books: fiction, non-fiction, biographies, historical fiction, sci-fi, memoirs…you name it! I can and frequently do

Jp & Kris Ann’s Wedding!

The other thing that I can’t wait to see is the dress! There are SO many choices out there for dresses, every shape, style, and color you can imagine. I think the coolest part of Kris Ann’s dress

A very good day.

Today’s wedding was good. I must say, I LOVE a morning wedding here and there–it’s so refreshing to shoot early and have a more low key day, since most of the time I am shooting parties well into

Cheyenne & Daniel’s Wedding!

This summer has absolutely flown by! In a sea of my own wedding planning, I haven’t shared as many weddings with you as I normally do, but I have LOTS of great ones to show you! This

Lauren & Scott’s Maui Wedding!

What can I say about Scott and Lauren’s utterly amazing wedding at the Four Seasons Wailea in Maui yesterday? Well, I can say a few things. It was a simple and elegant affair. Lauren and Scott

Liana & Mike: Part 3 of 4

Hello faithful readers! My body is slowly but surely adjusting back to California time, and I’ve got a TON of blog entries in the queue for the next few weeks. I’m also plugging right away on my

Liana & Mike: Part 2 of ?

On to part 2 of Liana & Mike’s wedding! So after they saw each other for the first time, they scheduled a few hours for us to run around Santa Monica to shoot some portraits, like most good

A Shot from Liana & Mike’s Wedding

I’m working on the blog entry for Liana & Mike’s wedding, and it’s going slowly because I chose over 300 images I’d like to blog! While I wade through what’s good enough to post here and what isn’t,

Ami & Scott Wedding Day-Part 2

Okay, here we go–part 2 of Ami & Scott’s wedding day! I don’t have time today to upload the tech specs for these photos as I’m going to be working NON STOP on stuff for WPPI the next two days,

Ami & Scott Wedding Day: Part 1

Well, as I’m sure you think I deserve, I’m slinking around here with my tail between my legs, saddened and embarrassed at my lack of updates in the past two weeks. There have been some interesting

Declaring Blog Bankruptcy

That’s right, I’m declaring blog bankruptcy. Taking a mulligan, getting a do-over, wiping the slate clean, etc. etc. During the last part of the year, I got so behind here that it seemed like a

Stephanie & Dave’s Wedding!

Stephanie and Dave were married on a Monday at the Montage in a gorgeous afternoon ceremony. As if there weren’t already plenty of good things in that sentence, they had the ever fabulous Brooke of

Vivien & Ian’s Wedding!

**there is a slideshow at the end of this post, so don’t forget to scroll down and watch!** I absolutely love photographing destination weddings! I love that I get to go to amazing places

Anna & Chris: Part 2

Fine, so this didn’t come “tomorrow”–it’s here now, and that’s the important thing 🙂 Julie Hill and I made the 4.5 hour drive from New

Fiona and Ian Say I Do!

I met Fiona on a cold, rainy day in New York last year while I was in town for some reason or another. Over lunch, she shared with me her plans for her wedding, the reasons she loved Ian, her

Thea & Nilsson Say, “I do”!

Wow, this month has been crazy! I have tried to figure out the best way to get all caught up here, but really the only way to do it is to start at the beginning and work my way through. A

Allison & Delwin’s Wedding!

Wow, are Allison and Delwin ever patient! I’ve had this wedding in my blogging queue for way longer than I’ll admit, and I’m so excited to finally post it! The day of the wedding, there

Carolyn & Chad’s Wedding!

**The pixelation is fixed, thanks for your patience! I’ve also added in some processing info for ya’ll:)** Carolyn and I have been friends for about ten years now. When I look back on the

Sheenah & Chris Say “I do”

Chris & Sheenah’s wedding was a rare and wonderful thing–a MONDAY wedding! This couple and all of their guests are Canadian, so this was a destination wedding for their group. And really, where

Congratulations Carolyn & Chad!

Yesterday, my beautiful friend Carolyn married Chad on an absolutely spectacular North Carolina day! I can’t blog this wedding until I get back to California on Tuesday night, but I know it’s going

Sneak Peek!

I shot a very rare Monday wedding yesterday,which I want to just give you one little sneak peek of, since I won’t be blogging it till later in the week! Before that, I have a fabulous 08.08.08

Hillary & Peter’s Wedding!

I arrived in Boston and it was raining. And not just a little bit of drizzle, no way can I straighten my hair, nice cool misting–actual pouring down rain. “Oh no”, I thought, as I made my way over

Christina & Joe–The Real Post!

When Christina and Joe first came to me, I knew immediately that we were going to be friends. It’s just a vibe you get with some people–an openness, a friendliness, and a willingness to really get

A sneak peek of yesterday’s wedding

Yesterday I photographed a wedding for a couple I adore for quite a few reasons, but because there are SO many images I need to go through, I may not be able to blog them all for a day or two and I

Serena & Jeremy’s Wedding!

As a photographer, I get a very close, if limited view of many different couples and their relationship. I am around people on one of the most intimate days of their lives, and it tends to bring

Andrea & Scott’s Featured Gallery

I know ya’ll wanted to see more from the amazing wedding of Andrea and Scott from this past weekend, so here you go! After a few days, this gallery will be moving to the featured galleries section,

New Years’ Eve Part 2

Okay, here comes part 2 of the New Years’ Eve wedding! First of all, I had a lot of questions about the limo shot below. The shot was after dark, available light. I had the driver turn the light

A New Years’ Eve Wedding

New Years’ Eve never ends up being the fabulous night you hope it will be. I don’t know if it’s the high expectations, but it’s usually anti-climactic and a night better spent at home with the TV

Was there life before my blog?

**the contest I was going to announced has been postponed for just a day or two more, so stay tuned for that!**I’ve actually been thinking about exactly how I ever booked any weddings before

Liz & Derek’s Wedding

On Saturday, I shot an absolutely beautiful wedding for Liz & Derek at the Virginia Country Club up in Long Beach. The wedding was coordinated by none other than the lovely and talented

Alice & Chris’s Wedding

Last week, Alice and Chris were married in San Diego at beautiful Balboa Park with a reception following at the Prado. They got married in just the nick of time, because less than a day or two later,

Jessica & Andrew’s Maui Wedding!

Marisa and I flew out here to Maui on Sunday for Jessica & Andrew’s beautiful wedding on Monday at the Four Seasons Wailea. I must say, this is my new favorite location to shoot! It’s absolutely

Kallissa & Paul

Kallissa & Paul were married this past weekend up in beautiful Marina Del Rey. It was a very appropriate place for the wedding to be because they own a boat in the Marina that has been a central

Tawnya & Andrew in Lake Las Vegas!

Whew, am I ever glad to be back home in one piece! As you all know, I’ve been traveling for the past little while straight through for back to back weddings, which sounds kind of glamorous but in

Cortnie & Andrew in Santorini, Greece!

I am going to do something here that I don’t normally do,which is blog a wedding out of order. I still have to show you Tawnya & Andrew’s wedding from last Sunday in Vegas, but Becker is pestering

Amy & Jason’s Wedding

This Saturday, Braedon & I drove down to San Diego for Amy & Jason’s wedding. Amy and Jason are such a sweet couple. They found the location, the

Hannah & Matt’s Wedding

Okay, the blog stalkers have spoken, and still images it is (and lots of them!)Right before I left for Beach Week, I shot an absolutely amazing wedding for Hannah and Matt at the fabulous

Rena & Jon’s Wedding

Oh man, am I ever behind! I am so happy to finally be able to show you these images from Rena & Jon’s wedding last month. Rena and Jon were couple #3 in my wedding photography contest, and it was

07.07.07-Lauren & Adam’s Wedding

07.07.07: The most popular wedding date in history. Hundreds of thousands of couples got married that day, but there was only one couple that I knew, Lauren & Adam. Lauren and Adam came to me so

Nick & Jennel’s Wedding!

Oh boy am I ever behind on blogging these amazing, wonderful weddings i’ve been shooting over the past few weeks! I’m just going to start at the beginning and work my way forward.Nick and

Braedon & Lindsay’s Wedding!

Okay, I get it–I need to blog everything! Well, I don’t normally love to go out of order, but I just have to blog Braedon & Lindsay’s wedding since they are leaving for Italy for THREE WEEKS and I

Amy & George–the textures

Last week I was in Denver for a secret project to be revealed soon about the hottest web design group in the industry, but this week, I am in Seattle for the

Amy & George’s Wedding

First of all, I want to wish a happy Father’s Day to my dad and all the other dads out there!Yesterday, I shot a beautiful wedding down at the St. Regis for George and Amy. George and Amy

Alice & Sam’s Wedding

Alice and Sam were married yesterday at the St. Regis and it was wonderful! You might remember Alice and Sam from their engagement session a couple of weeks ago, which you can check out

Jane & Jean’s Wedding!

Yesterday I had a great time shooting Jane & Jean’s wedding! I knew the wedding day was going to be a fantastic, huge success when I saw Jane’s fabulous

Mimi & Mark’s Cabo Extravaganza!

Mimi and Mark’s wedding surpassed every expectation I had. The day was simply perfect–the weather was to die for, the bride and groom were incredibly happy and in love, and every guest was relaxed

Back in Cabo for Mimi and Marc!

Here I am once again in beautiful Cabo San Lucas! This time, I am here for Mimi and Marc’s wedding on Saturday at the super hip and bright Westin Cabo. We arrived here yesterday and the weather

A Very Special Wedding-Corina & Joe

Yesterday I shot a very special wedding for Corina & Joe. You probably remember these names because Corina and Joe were the grand prize winners of my free wedding photography contest. Thousands of

Wedding Details

One of my favorite things about weddings and photography in general is getting to capture all the little details that might go unnoticed. I know that brides spend $500+ and 6 months choosing shoes
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