One of the biggest complaints (obviously the ONLY complaint) that my husband Jeff has about me is that we have a noticeable lack of photos in our home. It’s hardly for lack of shooting them, although I admit that our day to day lives are captured primarily with my iPhone.  No, I’m just not very good about making the time to get out my camera gear, photograph my family, and then (horror) print photos.  I’m a terrible example of the very thing I think is MOST important as far as family documentation.
I’m saying it here now:  Before this year is over, I will print, frame and bind photos of our family!  Hold me to it, people!!
In any case, Archer turned six months old last month, so in honor of that milestone, I photographed him looking absolutely adorable:


Archer is a very different baby than Locke was. For one thing, he’s so thin!  Locke was about the fattest baby you ever saw, while Archer is slender and tall.  Archer gets around like nobody’s business and is already pulling into s standing position on his own!


We could tell from the beginning that archer is sweet to the core. He always has a smile for anyone willing to spend time with him.


There’s just something irresistible about Archer! My grandmother says she can see mischief in his eyes–I think she’s right:


I always marvel at him–how cute he is, and how quick to learn things:


Basically he has stolen our hearts 🙂


I LOVE watching Archer with our Acey puppy! Since archer has never smacked Acey, she likes him much better than Locke so far:


Every day that passes shows me a new version of my baby, who is slowly but surely becoming a little kid!


We love our little Archeroo so much, and although he was a big surprise, he was the best one we could have ever gotten!