Better late than never, right??
My family and I are so thrilled to announce the birth of our new baby boy,
Archer Cole Norwood
He was born at 6:06pm, 8 pounds, 7 ounces, tons of fabulous hair 🙂
Archer started his birth journey in a similar fashion to his brother:  LATE!  Although I was really hoping for a VBAC with Archer, after going a week overdue and showing absolutely no signs of labor coming at all, we decided to schedule a C-Section for the following week.  Then we went to Vegas on one last hurrah.  Really.
The day came and was so different from LAST TIME.  There were no false alarms, getting hopes up and then having them crushed and being sent home from the hospital.  This time, I was admitted instantly and less than two hours later, I was holding my little guy in my arms.  I can’t even tell you how much having this birth scheduled made it a better experience.  I was “with it” the whole time rather than zonked out on meds.  I was calmer and had researched extensively the procedure.  Having had an emergency C last time, I wasn’t as prepared, but this time between the research and previous experience I was calmer.
I was able to actually enjoy the birth and process, which is something I didn’t feel was true last time.  Considering I was being charged about $5000 per night at the hospital, I decided to enjoy the experience! I tucked Archer into bed with me and proceeded to relax in the hospital for the next 3 days eating bonbons and reading trashy magazines (thanks Ruth!), and enjoying the relative calm that is life without an 18 month old (thanks Dad & Jeff)!. 
This time, we had our good friend Mike Colon come when Archer was a week old to shoot some family photos of it (you’re the best Mike, we love you!!).  Check it:
Trying to quiet down the little muffin to get him into position:


I knew for sure that I wanted very simple, clean photos of Archer that would look great framed in our house, so we went with our dining room chairs and a neutral grey blanket. Mike captured it perfectly!


Archer was born with a full head of hair just like Locke was:


He is such a sweet natured baby, and we love him so much:


Here’s the thing about having newborn photos taken: You want them done as early as possible so the baby is sleepy and posable.  BUT that also means that you (read: me) are still bloated and fat a week postpartum.  So you (read: me) need to just remember that you’ll just be glad you had photos done at all!
Mike did a wonderful job capturing our whole family:


And these sweet moments of Jeff & I with just Archer:


My fave:


These simple little moments are the best:


A lot of people say that once they have kids, their dog becomes more of a dog. I think Jeff and I both feel extra motivated to make sure Acey still feels loved and not neglected.


They have a very special relationship:


Locke is at a fun, dynamic and challenging age! He is so friendly, outgoing, verbal, and FEISTY!  He’s really starting to assert his independence, which is both frustrating and adorable.  



Mostly adorable. Well, most of the time 🙂


Locke & Daddy:


I LOVE these family photos! This is how I want to remember this time in our lives:  Sunny, golden, young, and beautiful:


Me and my love:


One thing that I’ve never really talked about much is the depression and period of adjustment I felt after having Locke. I had such a hard time at first learning how to be a mom, with being tired all the time, with the immense responsibility that I had just been given.  I didn’t even realize how bad it was until I had Archer and that difficulty wasn’t there.  I would never want Locke to think he was any less loved as a baby, but not knowing what to expect with him and the sheer overwhelm both Jeff and I felt made it hard for sure.  But over the last year and a half, I think we have all really grown to love and cherish the moments of being parents.  I am so thankful for my Locke, and that he taught me how to be a mama:


The thing I am most thankful for with Archer’s birth is my mom taking a whole month out of her schedule to come and stay with us. She completely took care of Locke and I so that Jeff and I could focus on bonding with Archer, I could recover from the surgery, and Locke could feel loved and given lots of attention as we welcomed the newest member of our family.  She’s the hardest worker I know, she doesn’t rest for a second!  I can’t thank you enough mom.  You now must do this every year!!


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