Happy Valentine’s Day!
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, by the way!  No, this doesn’t mean that from now on, I will only be blogging on holidays 🙂  
As you may know if you follow me on INSTAGRAM or FACEBOOK, on January 8, 2013, we welcomed our second baby, one Mr. Archer Cole Norwood to the world!  Unlike Locke’s birth which came on August 2, right smack in the middle of wedding season leaving me with a newborn and 4 weddings in the same month, when we planned Archer’s debut, we decided on a bit of a slower season.
So for the first time in my working career, I actually took a full month off to recover from his birth via C section and adjust to life as a mom of two before hitting the pavement hard starting back this week.  
Which leaves us here, at Valentine’s Day!  By the way, if you get engaged today, you should call me 🙂
In any case, I just wanted to say hello and share these quick photos of my three kiddos.  I have a HUGE pile of engagement shoots, family shoots, and other assorted things to blog including the full story of Archer’s birth and newborn photos.  Also, several giveaways, and other big BIG things as well!  So have a happy love day today, and come back often, as the dead air here is officially opened back up for business!
xoxo – jessica claire