Last week, we hit a milestone–we have a three month old! Most people would say that time flies, but I feel like it’s crawling along–life moves in a fog with so little sleep.  Things are getting better though–we are only up twice a night or so instead of three or four times.  Still though, 6am comes around quicker than I’d like.
But on the upside, Locke is getting so aware of things and so cute!  His eyes are so wide, he’s taking everything in, and I can literally watch him learning new things each day!  Just this morning I saw him sitting in his Bumbo seat and he reached for a toy sitting next to him.  It doesn’t seem like much, but it showed me that he is starting to realize that there is a world out there, and I get to help him explore it!
Lately, we’ve started playing in the morning between his naps.  Now that his head isn’t flopping around, we are more active!  We do tummy time on his play mat every day, and he loves the animal that plays music–you should see how he stares at it:


His second favorite is the one that has a mirror (the cow one). He is super into looking at that other cute baby 🙂


Locke has such a great smile and he is so expressive! My mom says it is called a “social smile”–when you smile at a baby and he smiles back.  Locke’s smile is in full effect–it almost makes you forget that the night was awful when he wakes up with a big smile on his face 🙂



I think he is starting to recognize his name, too. Or maybe he just knows when I’m talking to him, because I can get him to look at me when I say his name.  He’s also holding his chest up really well at tummy time:


Now that we have a three month old, life is getting more fun! He’s just a rolly polly bundle of love!  I think he’s a very jolly baby.  We are still trying to figure out who he looks like–the consensus seems to be that he’s a mix.  In this photo, I think he’s more Norwood:


In this one, he’s just adorable:


In this one, he might be a little frightenet:


Jeff is so so good with him. I am SO thankful every day that I have a wonderful husband, and specifically, that I do not have to do this alone.  I do not possess the patience that would require.  Jeff is quite a bit better at calming him down than I am:


I have been better than I thought about taking photos of Locke regularly. Hopefully when he turns one, I will have tons of great photos and moments to compile into a book of his first year.  However, he might be developing a fear of the camera:


And that’s our little guy!