If you are reading this blog, THANK YOU. I know it’s been a little slow around here lately, and you’ve been very patient.  If you’re out there, reading this, I’d love to know in the comments.  It might be the only adult interaction I get today.
Locke is officially one month old today!  The past month has been one of the most amazing and honestly hardest of my whole life.  EVERYTHING has changed–some of it for the better (having this adorable little person in my life), and some of it not so much (lack of sleep and lack of ability to schedule anything)!  
In the past month, I have:
–been spit up on, pooped on, had my hair pulled, and been peed on–recovered mostly from the first surgery of my life–regretted every second of time I ever wasted now that I don’t have a second to spare–shot three weddings, an engagement session, my production assistant, and a family photo session–loved jeff more than i thought was possible–been amazed at the absolute miracle that is my baby boy
In the past month, Locke has:
–been photographed by both Baby as Art and Mike Colon–eaten almost every two hours of his life–stayed with a babysitter for the first time–met all but one person in both mine & jeff’s immediate families even though they all live on the east coast–learned to smile (but not intentionally yet)–twice we have heard him and seen him laugh a tiny bit in his sleep–gained about three pounds from his birth weight–grown a second chin (probably where at least one of the three pounds went)
The first two weeks were…hard.  Like, really really, “what have we done” hard.  The sleep deprivation didn’t help anything.  But now that it’s been a month, I finally feel like we’ve rounded the corner a little bit.  I’m starting to get into a day to day routine, and I am figuring out how to get things done even though my whole world has been flipped!  I get more accomplished in an hour than I used to in an entire day.  The second his eyes close, I am a working machine!  
Now, the best part of this post!  I really really wanted to make sure that Locke had lots of photos of himself as a baby, as well as with myself, Jeff, and Acey.  I’ve been following the work of Carrie Sandoval for many years, so it was a no-brainer that she and Brittany Woodall would be coming to photograph him as a newborn.  These were taken at exactly one week:


He was born with a full head of hair and a full on mowhawk!


I love this one:


Acey is becoming such a good big sister! She is such a gentle dog, and despite not getting quite as much attention, has also taken a liking to the baby. This is our favorite photo:


You can see more on the BABY AS ART BLOG.
A few days ago, we had our good friend Mike Colon come and photograph us as a family! We wanted some more informal, classic shots of us as a family, which is Mike’s specialty.  I absolutely adore these:




You can see a few more on MIKE’S BLOG.
I promise, there will be more posts coming soon! Three amazing weddings, an engagement session to die for, photos of Lauren my production assistant, and photos of my associate photographer Katie & her family (as well as the launch of my new associate blog!).  
So many good things coming.
Oh, and a few photos I shot of Locke:


Proof that it’s all worth it: