Over the past two years, I’ve taught a number of workshops here in Orange County, and one of the parts I like best is coming up with a look and a feel for our shoot! I’ve received a number of emails about upcoming workshops–besides the one I’ll be teaching in a few weeks at Aspire UK, I do not currently have any scheduled.  If you are interested in being notified about future workshops, please put your name on this list:
Jessica’s Workshop Mailing List
Anyway, back in January I taught a workshop and was lucky enough to get a great team of people to help me out with the styling of shoot!  We had a gorgeous couple, Ashley & Jeff, a super talented makeup artist, Nicole Deanne (she did my wedding makeup too!), florist Jacqueline Ahne, and a fab vintage dress from Lauren Essel of Blue Eye Brown Eye.
I’ve been kind of obsessed with all things vintage for a long time, and thanks to the dress Lauren sent me, we put the perfect look together!  Jacqueline’s flowers really popped:


When I told Nicole I wanted a pincurl type look, she took me seriously! Ashley looked like she was straight out of a 40’s pinup magazine:


The headpiece is from Kokin and is the one I wore at my wedding. I’ve used it on a number of shoots 🙂


Jeff, you are hilarious! Thanks for putting up with this shoot and being such a stellar (and dapper) model 🙂


I never get sick of shooting at this park near my house. I find a new angle on it every time I’m there!


This particular day, we were blessed with unusually amazing light. It was like a dream!


It didn’t hurt to have such a beautiful couple:


But seriously, each spot was more delicious than the last:


I was tempted to cancel the rest of the workshop and just let the class shoot for the rest of the day–it was pretty tempting 🙂


We did stay a bit longer than usual:


I mean, can you blame us?


I love love love this one:


A little relaxin’


A little attitude goes a long way:


The last photo I shot!


Thanks to everyone who came or participated in this shoot! A special thanks to my super 2nd shooter and NEW ASSOCIATE PHOTOGRAPHER Katie!  I’ll be posting more about Katie and her role here at Jessica Claire in the next week or two, but here she is:


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