I was there for Judith & Mike’s Wedding, I was there for their Maternity Session, and now, I’m so excited to introduce their baby girl Madison to the internet!
Madison Judith, otherwise known as Maddie, is already wearing the pants in the family, even when she’s not wearing pants at all!
Whenever I photograph a newborn session, I tell parents that baby in in charge. We block out quite a bit of time basically because you never know what the boss might do!  We spend most of our time keeping the baby happy, and maybe getting a few shots in here and there.
Madison seemed happiest with her dad, so that’s where she stayed for the first part of the shoot:


Once she dozed off, we got to play! Little girl clothes are just SO adorable.  I keep telling Jeff that I’m saving him a fortune right now because we’re having a boy.  I mean, how could anyone resist a little gauzy dress and flower headband?


Not Judith, and not Madison either 🙂 She even graced us with a little smile 🙂


I keep babies sleepy by cranking up the heat in the house–about 80 degrees seems to be the sweet spot where a baby can be totally naked and still stay sleepy (or maybe Maddie was just comforted by her mom):


It’s so funny, not too long ago Mike and Judith were just…Mike and Judith. Now they’re PARENTS!  And they’re great parents:


After some feeding, a few dirty diapers (and a messed shirt for Mike), I was ready to try out my new chair. This chair is actually really small but Maddie makes it look HUGE!


See that finger? That’s the one MIke and Judith are already wrapped around 🙂


She stayed sleepy, so why not play?!


Baby parts:


Baby & Daddy hands:


Judith & Mike met at USC, and they figured that Maddie was old enough for them to start sharing their preference for her college choice…



Mike, Judith & Maddie, thank you for letting me part of your family for the morning! You are doing AMAZING, and I hope to be as composed and relaxed as you when it is my turn!  xoxo