I’ve been blogging since 2004. When I think about the last seven years, I can’t believe how much has changed!  I started my blog when I was living temporarily on the third floor of my parents’ house in North Carolina.  I wrote it as I drove cross country to move to California, through my parents’ divorce, as I won awards and grew my career, and through relationships.  I wrote it at family vacations, as I learned to play poker, when I met the man I would marry, after my engagement and about my wedding.
This blog has been with me through most of the important milestones of my life, and so have many of you!  So I’m excited to share that my life is changing again…Jeff and I bought our first home!


We are thrilled to be in debt for the next 30 years!
The house has a particularly special room in it:


This will be the room that this lives in:


Yup, baby Norwood is due 2011! We are super excited to be adding to our family, and look, the little one is already looking at the camera!  Smart kid.  
I’ll be posting my WPPI schedule this week, so if you see me, say hi, and don’t buy me a drink 🙂