I’m still in a fog of post-WPPI haze after getting home late last night, and i’ve rolled right into a flurry of packing, but I just wanted to say hello to everyone I didn’t meet and THANKS to everyone I did!
WPPI is such a blessing for me–I can’t believe I’ve been attending for almost ten years now, and each year is even better than the last! I love coming home and seeing all the new photos and posts on facebook, and although I’m about as exhausted as I’ll ever be, I never fail to come home inspired.
I thought today I’d share just a shot or two of a shoot I worked on a couple of weeks ago with some AMAZING people including Jill LaFleur and Camilla Svensson Burns.  It was probably my favorite shoot to date, and I wish I could show more, but it’ll have to wait another couple of weeks till it’s published.
In the meantime, I’ll be posting new shoots, photo tips, and before/afters on my new house, once I can find my laptop once I put it in a box later this afternoon 🙂