Natali & Brian’s Wedding
Photographer: Jessica ClaireCoordinator:  Celebrations of JoyVenue: The Horizon HotelFlorist:  ArrangementsRentals:  Classic and FoundLinens:  TE LinensCaterer:  Shermans

Once in awhile a wedding comes along that I just KNOW is going to be incredible to shoot.  Sometimes it has to do with the couple, or the location, or the color scheme…something about it just piques my interest and I can already tell that I’m going to have a blast!
During my first phone conversation with Natali as she told me her dreams for her wedding, I had one of those moments.  We were just instantly on the same page and I completely understood her vision.  I had no idea that it would be even more amazing than I could have imagined.
Before we get into the photos, first a little word about Brian and Natali.  I got to know them when we went to shoot their engagement session at Palm Springs.  They’re such an in-sync, down to earth couple that it’s just an added bonus that they encompass the hip, retro style that fits so well into Palm Springs.  Although they’re both super creative and high-achieving people, they couldn’t be more relaxed when they’re together, or willing to do what I asked of them, even if it seemed a little weird!  I LOVED every second of being with and photographing them.
Now, onto the photos (and bear with me, cause there’s LOTS)!
I’ve always believed that the invitation sets the stage for the wedding.  Natali designed and created the invitations herself, and when I received one in the mail, I about died at how chic and adorable it was!  Even the stamps were perfectly and thoughtfully chosen:


Sometimes brides ask me if I photograph the groom before the wedding–I do. I don’t spend as much time with them, because they don’t do hair or makeup.  Brian wasn’t even getting dressed at this point, but hey, this is pretty much what Palm Springs is about!


Natalie’s gorgeous gown was made perfect with a little shrug from Irish designer Bonzie


The florals were deserty, cool, perfection! Just a hint of a succulent here and there made them really pop:


This is Natali’s boquet–perfectly whimsical and lovely:


One more–it’s my blog, I’ll overpost details if I want to!


Even the boutonniere’s looked like they were straight out of the desert:


Natali chose a small bridal party, and she was super close with all her girls. They were so helpful to her, making sure she looked perfect:


This purse had a special story–it gets passed through her circle of friends and each girl carries it on her wedding day. I love this tradition!


If I had to choose one word to describe Natali that day, it would have been effervescent! Really, she absolutely was radiant and glowing all day:


There wasn’t a bad photo of her in the bunch. Seriously.  I could have chosen with my eyes shut:


Come on, stop it!


A little pop of color in the shoes is always a cool touch:


Let’s not leave out Brian–he has some hip, killer style of his own:


I stopped back in to see Brian after I’d finished shooting Natali and found him putting on his finishing touches:


And doing what all men do before their wedding–fixing their tie and practicing their He-Man pose 🙂


I guess this doesn’t fit with the story, but I couldn’t leave it out!!


First look–I think they were quite pleased with one another!


Natali’s girls were dressed in various shads of purple and a couple different styles. I loved the variety that also blended together so well too!


Brian looks so very “Mad Men” to me with his slim cut suit and tie. The cufflinks and monogrammed shirt were the perfect touches to add:


And now for lots and lots of portraits of Brian and Natali:



Normally I tell people that they can’t wear sunglasses in photos, but if you’re going to rock them this hard…I just couldn’t resist:


Well, I resisted for a few:


And then I didn’t again 🙂


This photo, for some reason, is my absolute favorite. I want to hang it huge on a wall in my new house!  It just has something about it that makes me keep coming back to it:


Brian. You are seriously such a stud.


You and Don Draper = stylemates


A few pretty pretties:


Love this:


And these:


Some individual time–hey, if it’s your wedding day and you have time, you owe it to yourself to have a great photo of you by yourself!


A few little details:


Found Rentals set up the most adorable guest photo book station, and I have no idea where Natali got this scarf of retro California, but it was a fab backdrop for their guest book pics!


Every detail from the linens to the menu was carefully and perfectly chosen:


It looked like it BELONGED there. I think that working with your location to create an atmosphere that is this appropriate is deceptively simple and hard to achieve.  Natali, being the over-achiever that she is, was no slouch here either:


Just some more awesomeness:


I hardly ever post photos of groomsmen, but I can’t stop looking at this one:


This is a GREAT example of cool dressing for groomsmen. Slim suits in various shades of grey?  Yes please!


A little aside…at every wedding, there’s one or two groomsmen that enjoy giving me a bit of a hard time. So let this serve as a warning to future groomsmen–if you mess with me, I will post funny photos of you on the internet.


One more of N & B, just because you need to see this photo:


The Ketubah signing:


The ceremony begins! The ceremony started a little late, and it was already well after sundown.  In the time between Natali walking down the aisle, we went from this:


…to this! I was very thankful that the Rabbi decided to hold the candle through the whole ceremony–it made for an amazing atmosphere!  


There’s a certain time of day that only lasts for maybe 15 or 20 minutes that the sky will look like this in photos if they are exposed just a little too long. Luckily the ceremony happened right in the sweet spot!


Oh yes it did:


And…MAZEL TOV! I love Jewish weddings–they’re just so HAPPY and fun!




A shot of the tabletop after dark:


And a little peek at what was on the tables:



Natali & Brian didn’t waste any time getting onto the dance floor:


They are just so sweet together:



The Hora! I love a good Hora:


Scary but fun?


It is just so evident how much everyone loves Natali & Brian. From their friends & family to every vendor at their wedding, literally every single person there had the same goal–to make it a special, amazing day for them.  The hard work they put into everything really showed off as reflected in the relationships they had with their guests:


Oh, did I forget to show the cake setup? Why have one cake when you can have LOTS of smaller ones that are delicious??



Party time!


And one last kiss.


N&B, it was TRULY a pleasure to be there with you on your wedding day! I hope that I captured it the way you remember it 🙂