Liz asked this question in the comments section of the blog yesterday: “I would love to hear your opinion of the 35mm vs. 24mm lenses.  They are both wider angled and I’d love to know how you use them and what makes you choose one over the other in specific situations.”
Great question Liz!
I owned the 24 1.4 first, and I fell in love with it the moment I bought it.  I’d been using a 24-70 but there’s something about that lens I just don’t like–my VERY strong preference is for primes.  Since I already owned a 50 1.2 and a 70-200 for the times I just needed to get closer, I figured I could eliminate the 24-70 entirely by picking up a 24!
When I first got it, I used it for getting ready wide shots, scenics of ceremonies, family portraits that were too large to rock a 50, and dancing photos.  When I was using it for those things, I was really happy with it, although it does have some distortion around the edges.  Here’s some examples of photos I’ve shot with the 24:






don’t remember where or when I first found out about the 35 1.4, but I do remember thinking, “I can FINALLY shoot wide without distortion!”.  And I can–the 35 is my hands-down, go to lens now for wider getting ready shots, family photos, and some detail shots. However, more and more I’m using it for portraits! It gives a nice perspective and offers a little bit more quirkiness to my shots than the “prettiness” of the 50.  
Here are some examples I’ve shot with the 35 1.4:





So basically, my lens choice winners throughout the day between the 24 and 35 are:
Wider getting ready shots: 35A random wide detail shot here and there:  24Wide ceremony or landscape shots:  24Ceremony shots: 35Family photos: 35
Portraits: 35Dancing: 24
So the ultimate winner is the 35 (the crowd cheers!!!).  However, for those few shots during the day when I need to shoot wide PLUS all those crazy dancing photos–the 24 is my trusty sidekick.
If I could only have one of the two, I’d pick the 35, but I sure am glad I don’t have to make that choice!  I hope this helped Liz, and if anyone out there has a question for me, post it in the comments for a future post!