Not too long ago, I was out in Palm Springs for Natali & Brian’s absolutely fabulous wedding at the Horizon Hotel. Palm Springs is a bit of a hike from the OC so I spent the night before the wedding at one of my favorite stylish haunts, the Ace Hotel.  We actually shot their engagement session here, you can check out out at this link!
 I take a lot of inspiration for both my photography and my decor style from hotels all over the world, and I am completely inspired by the Ace whenever I go there.
The Ace hotel commits fully to its kitchy, cheeky, vintage Palm Springs style and atmosphere.  There are tons of little touches all over the place there that would seem out of place anywhere else but fit perfectly at the Ace.  
When you pull up, what better to see than a rusty, HUGE Ace hotel sign?  I love everything about it, even the old school shade umbrellas poolside up top:


The rooms aren’t luxurious but rather, comforting and cozy like your college dorm room (but with a WHOLE lot more style and a lot cleaner too!), and absolutely filled with pieces that play into the 60’/70’s rockstar feel. Absolutely everything in the room is interesting and useful, but with a hip edge to it:


Cozy bathrobes and a sitting area make it a place to hang, not just a bedroom:


Even the water at the Ace Hotel is cool. And better, apparently:


A few vespas for guests to cruise around Palm Springs:


The lobby is probably the most easily recognizable spot in the hotel. The large knotted ropes & yarn decorating the front window make a great backdrop for photos, or just for admiring!  The shelves are full of books, interesting sculptures, and all kinds of other whimsical touches:


I went to breakfast before the wedding and actually had to go back to the room to grab my camera to get this photo–this wicker elephant head would be out of place probably anywhere in the world, but here, it just works, doesn’t it?!


Off to the wedding! A little shot from the outside of my room towards the mountain:


This hotel is the PERFECT example of a commitment to a particular point of view along with a brilliant execution. This is something I am constantly striving for in my own presentation.  Later today I’ll be sharing my presentation folders and custom letterpress notecards & business cards, and giving away a set of my notecards, so check back in a bit!