Dear Acey Puppy,

Today, you are 7 months and 25 days old. And yesterday, you escaped out of your pen (again) but for the first time ever you didn’t:

a) destroy anything of value
b) crap somewhere in the house or
c) smear said crap onto any and all white surfaces available

My little girl is growing up!

It’s funny, when you and your siblings were born, we visited you to decide which of you we wanted. Because of the order in which we contacted our breeder, we knew we weren’t going to get much of a say, and that another puppy was probably going to be coming home with us. Dad and I talked about it in the car on the way home, and while we knew that we’d welcome any of the puppies gladly, we particularly wanted you. And so we decided to call and state our preference, knowing that we were most likely setting ourselves up for disappointment since we knew we would not get you. But we did!

You were the cutest little thing we’d ever seen, and even our friends say they’ve never met such a friendly dog! And it’s true–you have no particular preference for anyone, but instead love everyone equally. You roll with the punches: getting toys and expensive furnishings taken away doesn’t faze you. I could learn from you–I still throw a fit when someone takes something away from me!

But there’s another side to you. I’m not going to straight call it evil, because you’re too cute to be truly evil, right?

Let’s call it…manipulative.

For example, you’ll take one of your toys off to the corner of the room and innocently play on your own. Then when we check on you, we’ll find that you’re actually holding my cashmere scarf under your paws and your toy was just a cover.

And let’s not forget the time(s) especially lately that you claim not to have to do your business when we walk you at midnight before we go to bed, but somehow at 2am when you wake us up, have been storing up all day. How is that even possible?!

Let’s also not overlook the fact that if we turn our backs on you for a second, you’ll be off somewhere doing something you shouldn’t, then slinking back to where you belong guiltily–if you had a tail it would be between your legs for sure.

Oh Acey, I think it is safe to say that you are the best and worst thing ever! The responsibility that comes along with you is balanced by your snuggles and love of playtime. The cleaning up after you that is required somehow isn’t enough to overshadow the absolute joy you bring to everyone around you.

And the fact that you’ll never read this doesn’t mean we love you less 🙂


(photo by trever hoehne)