Then there was a trip to NYC to shoot Robert & Cecile’s engagement photos and to speak at one of the Shootsac retail partner stores, Adorama Camera! Adorama has been a wonderful partner to us, and I gave a free workshop there one morning. I had a couple who are friends of mine from high school model for me, and I must say, they look fabulous. Here’s Pax & Mary strutting in the streets of New York:


The shoot had a dapper 1920’s theme, and I had so much fun shopping for the wardrobe! Pax is wearing suspender pants from John Varvatos and a bow tie from Etsy. Mary is wearing a vintage dress I found in a thrift store ages ago! The umbrella is from a local antique mall–once I found that I knew how I wanted the shoot to look:


I love shooting engagement photos and wedding in Manhattan–I’d love to get back there to shoot sometime this coming year now that I have so much family living there: My dad, my brother, my brother in law & his family…lots of reasons to go!

After NYC, I flew to West Virginia for Kalindi & Marcos’ wedding. I posted about that one when it happened, but I never posted the photos from the second day of ceremonies! The day after their wedding they had a full on Hindu wedding ceremony and celebration. It was vibrant, colorful, emotional, and amazing–I actually will probably blog a full post about this one at some point. Here’s a preview:


After West Virginia, it was back to California for a ridiculously awesome Alice In Wonderland Bat Mitzvah. Seriously, the props would make a Disney movie jealous (actually a lot of them came from the Alice In Wonderland movie set itself):


This was one party that actually looked even better at night!


From time to time, I like to team up with different coordinators and stylists to create things that are cool and/or inspiration and/or just plain fun to shoot! I did this recently with my friend Renee of OC Propgirl who does styling & props for weddings. Check it:


We actually combined this with something else I’ve been wanting to try: a Black & White Boudoir shoot:


Speaking of which, if you are interested in having boudoir photos done, I would love to shoot a few of these sessions in the next couple of weeks! Maybe a great Christmas gift for your husband? I’m sure he’d love it! 🙂

And lastly, a wedding I just photographed in Palm Springs this past weekend, that I haven’t even really gone through yet. I was IN LOVE with all but one thing about this wedding from start to finish. That one thing was that as a Jewish wedding, it needed to take place after sunset on Saturday night to keep in observance of Jewish law. I wasn’t looking forward to having to use flash for the ceremony–that’s something I try to NEVER do, I just don’t like the look of it.

I’d pretty much resigned myself to setting up lighting and doing exactly that when the Rabbi was somehow divinely inspired to hold the candle the entire duration of the ceremony! It was a wedding miracle, and I’m so stoked to have photos that look like this:



If you’re interested in camera settings, these were both with the regular ol’ Canon 5d, 3200 ISO, 50 1.2 lens, shot at 1.2 and 1/80th of a second.

And if you’re interested in having me shoot your wedding in Southern California, Palm Springs, or NYC next year, please do Email Me!

I love the game “Never Have I Ever”. I think it’s a huge riot to get super personal at parties with games like this. If you don’t know the game, it goes like this:

Someone stands up and says something they have never done, in the format, “Never have I ever done _______”. Then, everyone who HAS done that has to stand up and switch seats (there should always only be enough seats so that one person has to stand up because they can’t find a chair). The last person left standing that wasn’t able to find a seat goes next, and so on, and so forth.

Depending on who you play this game, it can be PG or R–it’s what you make of it. Most of the time it’s a drinking game, but I’ve seen it played in many different kinds of circumstances!

Either way, it’s loads of fun and you generally end up knowing lots more about people that you had ever imagined (or maybe more about them than you ever wanted to know).

Today’s post is a Never Have I Ever post dedicated to a few shoots I never have ever blogged! I may or may not ever get to full posts of them, but I sure will try, and a little is better than nothing, right?!

Here we go:

Back in May, I shot Shaun & Lisa’s JAW DROPPING wedding at the beautiful Pelican Hill Resort in Newport Beach. The wedding was designed and coordinated by someone I love, Jeannie Savage of Details Details. I haven’t blogged it because it’s been submitted for publication, so that will determine what I can and can’t post, and when!

Their wedding was an incredible day that culminated in a spicy salsa dance! These people can move! Here’s a look at their wedding (and Lisa’s gorgeous Monique Lhuillier gown!):