Today is our first anniversary! In the past two years, I’ve gone from a single twenty-something to a married thirty-something, and I’d be remiss if I didn’t take a moment to reflect back. And for the sake of making this post more interesting for those of you who just like to look at pretty pictures, I’ve included some for you 🙂


In my life, I have never been one of those girls who has been lucky in love. I’ve had relationships over the years of course, some good, some not so good, but none of them ever felt very permanent. I always had the feeling that we were just one fight away from breaking up, or that I was just one mistake away from ruining things. There was just no sense of “we’ll get through this together”.

When I met Jeff, things were different from the start–I acted nothing like the way I used to act when I would meet a guy I was interested in.

In part it was because I felt I had nothing to lose–I had finally reached the point where I had to realistically consider that I might be single for longer or permanently and I was actually okay with that. Having come to this realization, I didn’t try very hard to be interesting when I met Jeff–I was just ME.


When we were getting to know each other and dating, instead of pretending I wasn’t interested, I couldn’t have been more obvious about the fact that I was. Although I didn’t know Jeff as a friend before we started dating, he was my friend from the start. Where I normally would have analyzed every phone call, text, and date, I didn’t have to–he always let me know where he was in his feelings for me too.


Here’s the thing about Jeff: In the ENTIRE time I’ve known him, he has never once pushed me away in ANY way. He is a constant, steadfast, brilliant presence in my life. I had no idea that it was possible to love someone so honestly, so straightforwardly, and so clearly. And I had no idea it was possible to be loved the same way back.


Our wedding day really was the best day of my life. I know it’s cliche to say that, but there has never been another day when I felt so securely in the love of all the people closest to me. I had no misgivings, iffy-ness, or nerves about marrying Jeff. The whole day was just a blissful blur of support and beauty, and I wouldn’t have changed a single thing.


To say that Jeff is the best thing that could have ever happened to me would be an understatement. I think all of the people who know me personally would agree! Part of what I love about him are the quirks that make him uniquely JEFF. Even though some of these things are annoying sometimes. Here is a short list:

-Jeff does a thorough check of hotel rooms before we leave. It can be quite comprehensive and time consuming. BUT, I haven’t lost a single hairbrush, razor, or piece of jewelry in the past year 🙂

-Jeff is the best puppy daddy ever! Acey just adores him–she really only listens to him. Occasionally he brings home little gifts and treats for her, and he sends me videos of cute things she does while I’m traveling.

-Jeff sings ALL THE TIME. I’ve mentioned this before. It actually is super annoying. But Jeff says, “Hey, it means I’m happy. Ever see an unhappy person sing all the time?” Good point. I hope he never stops.

-Jeff is unfailingly supportive of everything I want to do, even when what I want to do is ridiculous or inconvenient. This is quite frequent. For example, I’ve been saying for awhile that I want to learn to play the piano, despite the fact that I have a perfectly good guitar sitting in my living room that I have no idea how to play. When I came back from traveling the other day, there was a beautiful white piano in the dining room!

-I have no idea how he does this, but he never falls into my traps of saying the wrong thing. If I tell him to name something he would change about me, for example, he just refuses to play. He’s never even one time fallen for a trick like this!


So on our first anniversary, Jeff, I love every day of our life together (even the bad ones). Every day with you is a hundred times better than it would be otherwise. I love you!

Although it’s been posted on some other sites, I never posted our wedding video here, and I think today is the perfect day for it. Julie & Alex of Elysium Productions–you make me tear up every time I watch this. EVERY TIME. Thank you so much for this:

Elysium Productions: Stylish & Contemporary Wedding Films in Orange County and Beyond!

My wedding photos posted here are all courtesy of Jose Villa

And even though this post is about Jeff, just a little note to my single sisters out there: It’s going to be okay–really, it will. If you’re with someone right now who isn’t IT for you, get out, and the sooner the better. You have no idea how much amazingness might be right out your front door, if you would only open it.

Happy Anniversary!!