What, you say? No postings for a week? I know, I probably should have warned you, but between back to back weddings last weekend and then a redeye flight across the country to relatively little internet access, there just wasn’t time!

Why, you say? Well, if you’re new to this blog, you might not know about Beach Week, but it is an annual family tradition on my mother’s side where each year (and this is the 29th consecutive year), that we flock to the beach usually in Garden City, SC and hang together for a week. In one house. No matter what.

**A sidenote–it’s possible that this was the 30th year and we missed the big anniversary. It seems that nobody remembers the actual year of the first one. Nobody seems to remember their ages either–how convenient.**

Anyway, Beach Week is one of the few certainties in life, and this year was no exception. It always has it’s ups and downs and this year was no exception.

Ups included:

–Jeff did not have to share a room with bunk beds with my brother this year now that we’re married and all. He and my brother could potentially put this in the “down” category, they seemed to rather enjoy it last year
–The weather and water were awesome
–I only got a sunburn on the last day so I wasn’t miserable for the whole week
–There was a new baby there this year
–The three little girls (9, 9, and 6) learned to play Mah Jongg, so we were never for lack of a 4th

Downs included:

–Steven won the scrabble tournament….again
–Nana was unhappy with the structure of the annual poker tournament and left in protest
–We lost power the last day for a little while due to nasty thunderstorms
–I didn’t win as many tickets at the local arcade as I usually do. I was kinda off my game this year

But in all, a successful beach week! Plus, I do think it’s quite remarkable to get 15-20 people to commit to this vacation every single year. It’s inconvenient, dramatic, and at times, exhausting, but I think we’d all agree that there’s no way we’d miss it barring an extreme emergency!

This year, for the first time ever, I didn’t open my computer except for absolute necessities (and since there was really no internet anyway, it didn’t much matter). It was kind of nice to unplug and just BE for a bit, but after the previous week of blogging every day, there were a few times I was itching to get back to it! I also didn’t shoot a single picture until the last day or two, which was really nice as well. I mostly concentrated on the babies–since they are the second and third children in their respective families, I figured they needed a little more attention 🙂

Here’s a glimpse for you (with a small trip down memory lane for comparison sake):

This is the new little cousin, Eli:


Eli’s dad is my cousin Steven. Steven has won the past four years of Scrabble tournaments, and he won again this year. It is super annoying that he keeps winning–I really need to practice this year to take it down next year. Here he is winning in 2007:


And here he is winning this week. Notice he is wearing the same shorts (he only seems to own the one pair). His attitude hasn’t improved much either:


This is Addison, the youngest of the three girls my cousin Kenny and his wife Lisa have. She is so cute, and as a third baby, doesn’t have enough photos. She was super tired in this one, but I love it anyway:


Her normal personality is just so happy and sweet! She’s such a good baby:


It was a wonderful week, and I’m so glad I took a few days to recharge and relax! I have a very busy few weeks coming up with LOTS of travel including weddings in:

-St. Thomas
-Santa Barbara
-Moscow (!!!)
-Palm Springs

I can’t wait, but it’s going to be quite a whirlwind in the next few weeks! I’m loving blogging more though, and since I’ll be posting so much more, feel free to leave a comment with what you want to see here–on the days where I’m at a loss for what to post, it will be nice to have some ideas to pull from!