When I found out that Cecile & Robert wanted me to shoot their engagement session in New York, I couldn’t have been more excited! Traveling to shoot is (for me) one of greatest perks of my job (some others include staying in my PJ’s till 10 or 11, getting to enjoy a beautiful Wednesday outside here and there, and doing something I love). But seriously, I have a passion for travel and for getting to shoot things in new and interesting backdrops.

New York can’t be called a new backdrop for me since I was born there and visit frequently, but it is certainly interesting! It was even more interesting the day of this shoot because it was the day of the Gay Pride parade, which one can imagine made the area even more colorful! But we didn’t start shooting down in the West Village where the parade went through, we started somewhere way better.

You see, Robert and Cecile possess the holy grail of New York City: An inherited rent controlled apartment. Yes, it is better than mecca.

But the best part of their apartment is the obvious love Cecile & Robert have for it, and for one another:


We headed up the street to a little lawn area that had a merry go round. A fun couple like this–of course we’re getting on:


I love these photos not only because of their adorable expressions, but also because you can see how weird this merry go round is! Not that they are on a seahorse and a bear–seriously?!


Eventually we got off the machine and hung out on the lawn for a few minutes. Cecile and Robert say they love to spend time there:


I love the relaxed attitudes they have! These photos feel like they could be on any given day that they might spend at the park:


Soft photos make me happy:


And so do sharp ones!


A little dangerous, but worth it (this blog does not condone standing in busy streets with your eyes closed unless you are a trained professional)


This is one of my favorites. The expressions, the wind blowing hair into Cecile’s face–everything! It’s processed with Totally Rad Actions
Bullet Tooth at about 20% and pool party at about 20%:


Carefree and fun:


I love hot dogs from hot dog stands! I also love hot dog stands:


In the heart of the West Village. Mimes are creepy, but it made for an unusual photo!


The traffic police also make for a cool photo–they were kind enough not to give us tickets for stopping and standing 🙂


It was nice of this plant to grow flowers matching Cecile’s sweater!


Lots of cuteness happening here:


And here:


Something about this one, I love:


Reason #143385798 why my clients are rad–they can do this:


What trip to the West Village would be complete without stopping at the famous Magnolia Bakery?!




So much cuteness I can’t stand it:


I can’t wait to shoot C & R’s wedding in Houston in September–Houston better watch out, it’s about to get a whole lot hotter up in there (if that’s possible!)