A few months ago I posted this poll:

Who the heck are you?!Market Research

After about 7000 responses, I figure I now have a pretty good sampling of who is here and what you’re looking for! Here’s what I found out:

-Lots of you want to be or are photographers
-I have photographed some of you
-575 of you chose the answer “I won’t be put into a box” as what best describes you
-At least 10 of you described yourself as a “stalker”. I’m both flattered and adding a few more locks to the doors 😉
-Several of you hated your wedding photos (hopefully I didn’t shoot them)
-One of you is an orthepaedic surgeon
-One of you is my mother

In any case, this blog is about to get hit in the face with some new style and function, and I hope that there will be something for everyone! Here’s what I would love for you to do: Tell me ONE THING you’d like to see more of (or see here at all) in the future in the comments. One of you will receive a little somethin’ something’ from me.