One of my favorite things to do is to shoot bright, fun, creative things! One of the people who shares my passion for decor and photography is Renee Delsigne, owner of OC PROPGIRL, a company who sources and rents props specifically for photo shoots of any size! She really understands style, and she was my first choice to style a little set for the FOUR BRAND NEW SHOOTSAC COVERS launching TODAY!!!

Since styled shoots seem to be all the rage lately, I thought I’d give a little bit of behind the scenes info on how this one came together.

We wanted this shoot to really encompass the theme of “Summer Fun”, so where else to go but the beach!

(**The hot models for this shoot all came from my twitter & facebook casting calls, so if you’re interested in modeling for Shootsac in the future, that’s where you should keep an eye out!**)

In no particular but equally fabulous order they are:

Sarah Frenzel
Smita Malhotra
Nicole Benitez
Kathleen Amelia
Kayte Rose
Elise & Ryan Simpson (the stunning couple)

Renee did such an incredible job creating the perfect set for me to shoot the whole group!


It’s deceptively simple–look at all the elements she had to put together in order to make this happen:


1. Vintage Yellow Umbrella–found at an estate sale on Balboa Island
2. Vintage Water Cooler
3. Amazing End Table, hand repainted by Renee to add a pop to the shoot
4. Wooden Beach Sign
5. Polka Dot Drink Stand, found at Home Goods
6. Polka Dot glasses, flamingo straws, watermelon, and colorful sodas
7. Antique Radio (looks way cooler than an ipod!)

Next, we needed gorgeous girls to show off the new summery covers! Since the covers are REVERSIBLE, I needed them wearing the covers showing both sides. Here are some individual shots of Sarah, Kathleen, Smita, and Nicole in the patterns:


But style isn’t enough–a Shootsac model needs to be able to SHOOT! Here’s Elise & hubby Ryan modeling while the group shoots:


I love this shot of Nicole showing off her pattern with the rest of the girls wearing the solid sides in the pattern (Nicole’s cover has the gold on the back):


Here’s Kayte, Kathleen, Sarah & Smita workin’ it:


And you’ve gotta give it to Elise & Ryan-Elise is rocking a silver swimsuit from Anthropologie that I just LOVE!


Elise & Ryan are simply adorable:


I’ll be posting a few more photos of Elise & Ryan’s beach shoot tomorrow over a the Shootsac Blog!

For now, I’m so excited to introduce our FOUR NEW REVERSIBLE COVERS!!





And now a contest: LEAVE A COMMENT and tell me which is your favorite for a chance to win your fave! The winner will be announced on the Shootsac Blog tomorrow afternoon!

**UPDATED TO ADD–NO MORE ENTRIES! To see the winner, head to The Shootsac Blog