My little Acey is getting to be such a big girl! I don’t take nearly enough photos of her–I am feeling a little parental guilt 🙂

Before we brought her home, we were able to visit with and meet her whole litter. At that time, we didn’t know which one would eventually be ours, so I tried to shoot all of them so we’d have at least a few to look back on after we chose our puppy! I’m so glad I did, because otherwise I wouldn’t have these darling photos of Acey at one month old (about six pounds)



And this is what our sweet puppy looks like now (she is four months old and close to 40 pounds)



Kids–they grow up so fast! Having her has been SO MUCH WORK. Seriously. I have to find childcare for my puppy if I want to leave the house for more than a few hours at a time, I have to make sure she has playdates and exercise, and her sleep schedule seems to dictate mine.

But she’s so cuuuuutee!