I was so overwhelmed with my last “things I love post” responses! With all the negativity that gets thrown around in the world from day to day, in the photography industry, and even between people who love one another, it’s nice to take a step back and focus on good things sometimes, isn’t it?

I’ve been on the road for the past week, shooting and teaching in New York. I shot an engagement session in the West Village, taught a class at Adorama Camera Store, spoke at the Showit Freedom Tour, and today am headed to West Virginia, to shoot a wedding that sounds so amazing that I hope it’s real when I get there!

Here are a few things I love this week:

1. New York City Police. I just love the cops in NYC. They are so kind, and work so hard to protect us from bad things that can happen. And were willing to look the other way (literally) to let me get this photo, which I also love:


2. Reconnecting with old friends. When I decided to teach a free shoot + class at Adorama for Shootsac, I knew I would need models!. Thanks to the wonder of social networking, I had been in contact with Pax and Mary, and I knew Mary from high school! I’ll post more about this shoot once I get home, but suffice it to say that reconnecting with someone from back home was SO nice. We had a great dinner with Michael & Cyndie and my brother was able to join us too. Even though I feel very comfortable in California, it’s nice to see people who have known me since before I was a photographer. Spending time with them was so much fun!


3. Summer, and new covers for Shootsac! That’s right folks, I shot the 4 new summer covers for Shootsac last week and they are DELICIOUS! Like, really really yummy for summer. Obviously they’re under lock and key until the end of this month when they’ll be released, but they are absolutely ADORABLE! So are Elise & Ryan–you’ll be seeing more of them.

Also, these precious flamingo straws. I LOVE them!!!


4. Adoption (and Kristin Rogers)

In my last “Things I Love” post, I asked you to leave comments with things that you love! One thing that really jumped out at me was Kristin’s response. She said: “I love adoption. I love how there was a little soul on the other side of the world and now she is a total and complete part of our world.”

Of course I had to delve into that a bit deeper! I went to Kristin’s blog, and found that last year, she and her husband adopted a little girl from Ethiopia! She is a gorgeous, amazing part of their family, and I absolutely love that they had a heart to do this. What a wonderful thing, to see that your child doesn’t necessarily have to come from you to be just as much yours. Kudos Kristin, and enjoy your family! Here’s a shot of Kristin moments after holding her daughter for the first time:


So again, I ask you: What do YOU love? Leave a comment, and I’ll feature one of you and what you love here in my next episode of “Things I Love”!