I remember when I first heard about Facebook. I had just graduated from college, and some of my friends who were still in school were telling me about this new website where you could find people you knew and stalk them virtually.

My interest was piqued 🙂

At the time, only college students were able to get on though, so I promptly forgot about it and moved on.

Then I found out that anyone could join, and it was over for me!

I loved everything about it–the reconnecting with people I hadn’t thought about in years, being able to keep up with friends and family who lived long distance. I had no idea though, how popular it had become until I got friend requests from both my parents.

Now, it seemed, EVERYONE was on Facebook! It also seemed that most of them were posting horribly ugly photos of my childhood.

It’s been a mixed bag for me–while on the one hand, I LOVE keeping up with people, on the other…well…I just can’t keep up.

Here’s what I see when I log in:


Somehow, I ended up with over 900 unread messages, and Facebook won’t allow me to approve or contact the over 2000 people who are waiting for a friend request to be approved. Lots of the messages are from people who are angry I haven’t approved their friend requests 🙁

So I finally bit the bullet, I made a Facebook Fan Page. However, what I didn’t do was keep up with it! It just didn’t seem personal, it was weird to use the word “Fan”…I just didn’t love it!

Now though, that FB has FINALLY changed it from “become a fan” to “like this”, I am loving it!

I would be honored if you would join me over there. Just **CLICK HERE**

Now we can have discussions, chat with each other, ask and answer questions, and have way more fun! And nothing will get lost in the shuffle because the discussion page is so organized. Plus, I’m updating it as often or more often than my regular page, so really it’s way more awesome!

Hope to see & chat with ya’ll over there soon!

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