Hi everyone! I am going to be working on a new section of the blog called Life in STYLE, and one of the things I’ll be doing is posting about something in my house in each post.

Today’s inspiration comes from design itself–furniture design to be exact!

I have always loved modern designs. This does not come naturally to me with my traditional upbringing, but I’m just attracted to sleek designs, bold colors, and design that just stands out!

I found these miniature designer chairs when I was in Atlanta to shoot a wedding (which you can check out here and here). They are from Japan, where apparently people are much smaller to be able to utilize such small chairs 😉


I bought them when I still lived in a town home that was decorated in a very earth-y, non-modern style, with the hope that one day I would move into a place where I could properly display them. They sat in boxes for about a year until I moved into my current house right before Jeff and I got married. They now hold the place of honor in our house in our one glass cabinet in the kitchen. I smile every time I see them!

In a completely unrelated story, while we were in Atlanta (but after the wedding was shot and completed), somehow Michael managed to convince BOTH Mark and I to get our noses pierced! Now, I have never really been the rebellious type, but I’d been considering getting a tiny little stud for awhile, so I decided to take the plunge.

Now, I know that at 30 years old I shouldn’t be worried about this, but I knew that if my mother were to find out about what I’d done she would, metaphorically speaking, flip her lid. Seriously, you should have seen her when I came home with my ears pierced–I’m surprised to this day that I was allowed back in the house. So, being that I lived in California and she lived in North Carolina, I figured I could buy some time before this would ever become a problem.

In the meantime, Mark & Candice shot this photo of Jeff and I, which I posted on my blog, kind of hoping that my mom would notice what I’d done so that I could sort of tell without telling:


I never heard a word. Fast forward a few months, my mother comes out for a visit, and to go to my bridal shower. A few weeks beforehand I decide that I’m done being rebellious and take out the stud. “It’s time to grow up”, I thought, and moved on.

Until the bridal shower.

Somehow the question, “How many piercings does Jessica have” ended up on the little question/answer game. Most of the people there knew about the nose piercing–my mother didn’t.

And that’s how she eventually found out what I’d done. I was right–she flipped out 🙂

And that’s my life…in STYLE 🙂

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