“But I’m a WEDDING photographer”, I thought to myself. What am I doing here?!

I’ve always liked dogs–well, most dogs. Dogs are a lot like people, with personalities, quirks, and attitudes! There have been some that I’ve taken to more than other, and….some that I could have gone without. In any case, what I love about dogs is their ENTHUSIASM, their absolutely single-minded desire to please.

And their soft fur. Adorable.

When Michelle asked me to shoot some photos of Uno, her french bulldog puppy, my first thought was, “Sure, why not?!”. I’ve photographed lots of different things, and why should a little puppy give me any trouble?

I should have realized what i was in for when Michelle arrived with her arms full of more equipment and supplies than the Octomom needs to drop the kids at preschool.

Uno, as I found out, is quite the little Energizer bunny–he is a ball of non-stop GO GO GO!

This is what the majority of my photos of him look like, his little tail end wagging as he dashes away from me:


Don’t be fooled–he’s not looking at me. He is looking at the treat Michelle is dangling just above my head:


You can practically see him salivating at the thought of knocking me out of the way and taking his reward off in private:


Photographing a puppy is tougher than photographing pretty much anything else I’ve done. First of all, for all that Uno is adorable, he is just a baby! He doesn’t really know his name quite yet (or chose not to respond), and once he’d eaten the first fourteen treats we bribed him with, those didn’t seem to quite do the trick anymore either.

We tried a new tactic called, Mommy will hold you while I get at least a FEW good ones of you, you little rascal!


Jeff doesn’t second shoot for me (he doesn’t quite know how to work a camera yet), but I had him give me a hand on this shoot. Who else would look so cute doing this?!


Oh Uno, you are adorable:


Such a little piglet!


I think all of the running away from me finally wore him out, because he look a little bit sleepy here:


You can just see those puppy eyes ready to close…


Then we put him in the grass:


And all of a sudden, he was revived! You can just hear the stretch as he searches out his next spot:


I love this. It is the quintessential UNO:


Peace out!


In related news, these puppies are the cutest thing you will ever see. The best news is that one of these little darlings is going to be coming to our home sometime next month!!!! We are so excited for the arrival of our first born 🙂

**if you’re wondering, they are Old English Sheepdog puppies. and yes, they are so cute you could eat one. Nom nom nom!**