We saw the location from the side of the road. “NO TRESPASSING”, declared the sign in the front, but we willfully pulled our car into the snowbank on the side of the road and unloaded bright scarves, hats, and a gorgeous couple.

We were renegades.

Because really, how can you pass up a spot this good:


Of course, the homeowner showed up a few minutes later, once we had set out the cake, the flowers, and had the bride all dressed up and ready to go. Being of the “Ask forgiveness, not permission” sort, I’d been here before. This time though, we had someone better–Darren! He’s the kind of guy that you just have to love when you meet him, and he went to have a chat with the owner. “No problem, have fun”, the owner said, and we were good to go!

Thanks Darren 🙂 You are very nice, and you look great in these photos:


When you’ve got such a great guy, you know that close by, there must be an equally or greater girl. In this case, her name is Alex:


Alex, you are SUCH a trooper! Not too many girls I know would stand out in the freezing cold and SNOW, and pull it off as effortlessly as you do! In my defense though, you did have Darren to keep you warm:



Now, what good would it be to treck all the way out to the mountains and into the snow and not bring some gorgeous decor? The incomparable team of Jesi Haack and Carissa of JL Designs created the table design, look and feel of the shoot, and of course the GORGEOUS flowers!

By the way, those white flowers are the new hot flower this year–they are called Anemone’s and I think we’ll be seeing a LOT more of those beauties!


Jesi brought a fab table with her, but when we saw this run down old picnic table, we were in love:


The table wasn’t only good for the decor–it was also a perfect spot for the CAKE! Melody of My Sweet and Saucy created this gorgeous work of art to give us the perfect touch for our shoot:


Oh Melody. You are SO good.


Back to the table setup again for a second! Can we just take a moment to say how fabulous Jesi made it look? Thank you Jesi and Melody for designing and styling something so beautiful! Wrapping the containers for the flowers was pure inspiration.



Olive Hue Paper came up with some beautifully printed goods, including these awesome “he” and “she” place cards! Love them:


One more of the bouquet, just because it’s pretty, and I like pretty:


Back to Alex & Darren for a minute:


Look at the boots! They belong to Jesi:


Fun fact: The sweater vest that Darren is wearing came from a thrift store. The arms were used to wrap the flower containers, and having him wear the “vest” was a game time decision:


Alex’s hat is mine, from Urban Outfitters:


Changing up the style a little bit. Alex’s hat is mine, from Heritage (division of Forever 21):


These make me feel cozy!


Fun fun:


Loving the bright pop of color here:


My two faves of the day:


This one is my #1:


A few portraits:


Some more prettiness:


Proof that you can get people to do anything when you’re holding a camera:


Jesi, Carissa, Melody, Olive Hue, Alex, and Darren–you are all superstars! Thank you so much for indulging me in doing this winter shoot–can’t wait to work with you all again soon!

**for all the brides that have emailed me regarding where Alex got this dress–sadly you may be out of luck! here’s what she had to say”:

“My dress is Jessica McClintock lol it’s a dress they had for a vintge inspired prom dress line and never sold any! I got the last one in the store, they had sent all the rest back. I bought it at the K Street Mall in Sacramento at a JM store.”

So there you go. Living proof that expensive doesn’t mean good and good doesn’t mean expensive! Good luck to all the brides searching for this one 🙂