Yay, it’s WINNER time! I got so many entries, it was hard to pick a winner, and I just had to share a few of my faves with you first.

Honorable Mention: This one is by Barbara Holland. I love it because the dog tag seems to be inscripted with my logo–it looks like she actually had it cut into the tag!! If this is a Photoshop effect, I have no idea how she did it. Awesome!


Honorable Mention: Dede Smith: Great mood and atmosphere! What better to watch on Christmas eve than a beautiful glowing tree and my logo?


Honorable Mention: Emily Clark–Emily, you almost got me with this cutie! I love the processing and the sentiment, she’s absolutely delicious!


Honorable Mention: Joyce Dy! This obsessive-compulsive gem reminds me of my new favorite vice: the show Hoarders. This house looks clean, but WOW, that’s a lot of ornaments and stuffed animals. This photo tells a story!

Joyce says:

This is my co-worker’s mom who obviously loves Christmas. Growing up they didn’t have much. Now, this is one of TWO Christmas trees at her house. She starts decorating before Thanksgiving. She has a garage full of paraphernalia and to me she captures true holiday spirit, borderline obsession. 🙂 How can anyone resist that smile?!


Honorable Mention: Shutter Sam!! Sam sent us in this FANTASTIC, retro, polaroid and I absolutely love it. That’s Sam and her son, her daughter took the photo. I also love the earring Sam 🙂


Honorable Mention: Myself

Here’s an instax shot of my husband, Jeff, in his Christmas onesie feetie pajamas–one of the few gifts he actually requested. This is an iPhone snap of an instax print, thus the iffy photo quality.

Enjoy ladies!



Mary Beth Blankenship!!! This photo was chosen because it incorporated everything I was looking for in a fun, creative way. Great job, Mary Beth, email me your address so I can have your new INSTAX shipped!

Mary Beth says:

The photo was taken by me, Mary-Beth, and I am also the subject!:)
I like to take self portraits for fun sometimes, as models are hard to come by.

The camera is the Polaroid One Step Land Camera SX 70 with rainbow stripe.

I love collecting vintage polaroid cameras, and get so excited when I come by one at a thrift shop. The only problem is they are usually only used for my viewing pleasure, as the film is SO hard to come by. That’s why I would LOVE to win the instax camera, so I could purchase film more easily and shoot with the little thing ’til my heart’s content!:)