Yay! This wedding was featured on Style Me Pretty today so I can finally blog it!!

Oh, let me count the ways in which I loved this wedding.

1. San Ysidro Ranch is perfection, plain and simple. If you are planning a small wedding, this place is second to none and I dream of the day that I might be able to shoot there again. If you are getting married at San Ysidro, call me, and book me, please!! These photos are just a tiny sliver of the gorgeousness that abounds at San Ysidro:


2. The dress by Elizabeth Fillmore, purchased at The White Dress in Costa Mesa, same place where I got my dress, coincidentally! This dress was divine–flowy, original, and stunning:


3. The flowers. Oh, the FLOWERS! Kate Holt from Flower Wild is a flower goddess, which is why I am going to work with her as often as humanly possible. We’re teaming up on a little project next week, AND…

(drumroll please)

She is designing my FEBRUARY 23 WORKSHOP! What February 23rd workshop? The one I released only to my mailing list, not on the blog, twitter, or facebook. Want to get on the list for the next one? **CLICK HERE** to add yourself.

In any case, the flowers! Yes, the flowers…


4. This wedding is where I met Stacey Craven with Smoke and Mirrors Makeup Spa. She is, in a word, incredible. Stacey has a true talent for bringing out the best in a face, and travels the whole area from San Diego to Santa Barbara and beyond:


5. Carrie and Jayson. Every now and then you get a couple that just plain “gets it”, and you know the wedding will be amazing. I knew it with Carrie and Jay from day one, and I was not surprised that they pulled off something so effortlessly graceful and beautiful. Plus, they’re gorgeous in that relaxed, not trying too hard way that I just adore:


6. They did a first look. This is just such a nice way to start off your day. It’s such a special moment, and I love when couples decide to see one another prior to the ceremony. It lets us shoot before the chaos starts so the mood is so much more relaxed and fun, and there’s no rush or stress afterwards chasing down the fading light!


7. Carrie and Jayson are in love, and it was easy to see. Enough said:


8. Maverick. Isn’t Maverick a rad name? Maverick is Carrie’s son and SUCH a little ham! The guy has tons of personality and is a pleasure to be around. He’s a ball of energy, but at the same time so mature. And cute!


9. A relaxed mood: I can’t tell you how much of a difference it makes to have a couple who is relaxed on their wedding day. I think this partially had to do with the wedding being so small, but a couple that is wiling to stay relaxed and just enjoy their day goes a LONG way!


10. I can put flowers twice, right?


11. An outdoor ceremony. I know that being in California I am lucky enough to get to shoot outdoors more than my fair share, but I never ever get sick of it. Shooting outside is one of the reasons I moved to California in the first place, and I fully take advantage of it!


12. Carrie and Jayson did things their own way. Traditions are great, but creating your own traditions is just so personal. Carrie had Maverick walk her down the aisle and I thought that was just so sweet. I love love love this photo:1


13: Emotion. Weddings with a little emotion to them let me do what I do best–capture something real and beautiful on your wedding day:


(they “tied the knot”–another tradition!)


15. I just love LOVE. Isn’t it lovely?



17. Light. I don’t have to point this out, I’m sure, but the light was A.MA.ZING.



19. The fields at San Ysidro Ranch are to die for:


20. Coordinator Alexandra K. Because of Alexandra’s attention to detail, we had a golf cart waiting right after the ceremony, enough time to shoot all the photos we wanted, and just generally a perfect day.


21. Living Cinema Video. These guys actually chose this spot–I didn’t see it but I sure do love this photo! There are times that it is difficult for photographers and videographers to work together, but this day was NOT one of those times. Curtis and Laura work as a team, and they also work as a team with the photographer to make sure that we can both do the best we can actually do. Props to them, and take a look at their site, they are wonderful!


22. Details. I love me some details. I know that the ceremony and portraits and reception are super important, but I just adore shooting details–it’s a passion of mine! When couples take the time to really make a day that is special, fun, bright, interesting, and full of details, it really shows. The details are the thing that guests really remember–my cousin Kabrel always says, “The devil is in the details”! That was the motto for my own wedding too 🙂




23. Deliciousness. I love cake. I eat cake at every wedding I shoot. If I shoot your wedding, I will eat your cake too. If there is extra, you might even catch me sneaking a piece into my camera bag to take home to eat in the tub as your images are downloading. I’m not ashamed!!


24. Happiness. Carrie and Jay are happy and that infused every single thing that they did and every moment of their wedding. That kind of joy is contageous in the best possible way, and a pleasure to capture on camera.



All in all, this was my kind of wedding. I hope to shoot many more like this one next year!!