One of the things I’ve always wanted to do was be better about taking and printing personal photos. I always have the latest and greatest point & shoot camera on hand, but the truth is that I rarely use it. Even when I do use it, I never seem to print and frame the photos, so they just sit there on my computer, forgotten.

All that changed when I picked up the handy dandy Instax Camera, that prints out a polaroid right then and there! I love it so much, and now when I use it, I instantly have a print! I have been having SO much fun with it, an now I have tons of personal photos to look at live and in person!

This year, I challenge YOU to start taking and printing out your personal photos! It’s so much more fun, especially for the non-photographers in your life. Seeing images on the screen just doesn’t compare to having that actual photo (just ask my mom!)

Also, I’ve been shooting the Instax on a job or two–check out this little set from Jill’s shoot (more on that soon!)


And of course, some of the personal ones:



I will be giving out one INSTAX camera to the person who emails me a photo NOT from a professional shoot that BEST captures any kind of holiday cheer (any holiday will do)!

Bonus points if your photo is a polaroid! Double bonus points if you can incorporate my logo into the photo somehow (I love when people incorporate my logo 🙂 ) Email the photo to and make it 850px on the longest side. You have until NOON PST on December 24th to enter.

I can’t wait to see what you come up with, and Happy Holidays to you all!