The big wedding countdown:

That’s right, less than two months from now, I am getting MARRIED! I absolutely cannot believe how fast time is flying. This weekend, Jeff and I are heading up to Napa to do the vast majority of the wedding planning: caterer, cake, dj, and lighting.

You can imagine the difficulty of trying to plan a wedding and work my way through wedding season, as well as find time for ordinary life! The truth is though, that I have two really really big weapons of mass destruction on hand to help navigate the wedding planning process.

The first is my absolutely amazing, calm and cool, perfectly centered at all times wedding coordinator, Angel Swanson. There was never a more aptly named person that has ever lived–she is truly an ANGEL! When I was deciding on a wedding coordinator, although I know and LOVE several, I wanted someone who was not only creative and original, but a calming presence in case I got all whacky and bridezilla. I’ve worked with Angel before, and I just don’t think she has the gene that causes stress!

Plus, she’s got a really funky, awesome sense of style and is just too darn cute (this amazing photo of Angel & her husband Erik is from Amelia Lyon) :

orange county wedding coordinator & planner, angel swanson of

If you are getting married in Orange County or anywhere reachable by car, train, or plane, I highly recommend Angel. You can find here **RIGHT HERE** She has not only been able to flawlessly manage every detail of a fairly complicated scheme so far in terms of sheer volume of items needed, but she has done so with absolute grace and kindness. Her ideas are always perfectly suited to the wedding, and I can’t wait to see her on Monday to meet with each of our vendors up in Napa! Yay!

I do have one other weapon, my cousin’s wife, Kabrel. Kabrel and I have poured over wedding magazines for the past oh, five years or so, scrutinizing each floral arrangement, gown, tradition, and photo down to the very last swarovski crystal. Kabrel has been doing an INSANE amount of work for my wedding, spending literally countless hours on ebay, at garage sales and flea markets, on the phone, with invitation people and florists. It has literally been her full time job for the past six months to make every single detail incredible. Here’s Kabrel (It’s an older photo, but I’ll have newer ones soon):


So as Jeff and I are headed up to pick the last of our details, and we are fully armed with a complete itinerary, people waiting to meet with us, and even a little relaxation time. I can’t imagine any better way to do this 🙂

Our invitations go out next week, so stay tuned for pics of all the printed stuff we’ve done–I have to say, I absolutely love it and can’t wait to share it, but don’t want to ruin the surprise for the guests!

In other news, should I do a crown of flowers or a birdcage veil? Please discuss!