It’s already July 22 on the East coast where I was born, so I’m considering it my birthday now 🙂

Today I turn 30.

The truth is, I had a much harder time turning 29, and I’ve been quite looking forward to my 30th for some time now! I felt like I was just hanging onto the 20’s by a string, and now I’m one of the youngest 30’s possible, which I feel is a nicer spot to be in.

It is not the only nicer spot I am in.

Last year on my birthday, I NEVER NEVER IN A MILLION YEARS would have thought that I’d be where I am exactly one year later. In the past year, I feel that I’ve grown up so much as an individual, which oddly does not conflict with my having found the person I’m going to join my life with. Where last year I felt discouraged, out of place, and disrupted, this year I feel so much calmer, more positive, and as content as I’ll ever be. I think there will always be a part of me that feels restless, which is the reason I’m always taking on a new project and finding ways to grow my businesses. Getting too content just makes me feel tired and lazy. But I digress.

It seems so strange to me that one year ago I could have felt so differently about life in general. It just goes to show that you never really know what’s ahead of you, even when things seem kind of bleak. I wish I’d known that such good things were in store for me–I could have saved myself so much time and frustration if I’d known that things were only temporary. Funny that I couldn’t realize that at the time. I guess I’m just much smarter now that I’m 30 🙂

I was twittering yesterday (click **HERE** to follow my twitter), about how the eve of my birthday felt like the night before Christmas and needed a snack and a story (and some presents). My mom follows my twitter (so does my dad–they twitter themselves once in awhile and it’s really weird), and she wrote out and sent me the story of my birth. I figured that today would be a good day to post it, so here it is–thanks mom!

JESSICA’S BIRTH STORY (as told by her mother, Wendy)

It was the hottest day of the year, July 22, 1979. At that time, we had alternate days to fill up our cars with gas because of the shortage of fuel. Jess’ Dad and I always had one car filled with gas so we could get to the hospital on time. And so, on a very hot summer morning, the signs came that it was time to leave for the hospital. Now, for those of you who don’t know NYC very well, parking is a challenge. We were able to fine a good parking spot, however it was 3 blocks away from the hospital. Her Dad said I could tough it out because the car would be good there for at least 2 days! Inching my way to the front door of hospital and holding on to parking meters, I finally made it.

Jessica was born at 6:00 in the evening. I remember so well her big blue eys and red hair as she laid in my arms. While the wars somewhere were raging, gas was impossible to get, Jimmy Carter was President and Pac-Man was all the rage, I was busy planning her wedding! Jessica was every mother’s dream. She slept when she was supposed to sleep, ate when she was hungry and had the most adorable dimples. People would stop me on the street to admire her beauty. Born with both a stubbon streak and a zest for life, she has given me such joy in my life that words cannot possibly express. Intelligent, creative, emotional, head-strong, tenacious and loving are the key words that describe her. I love her more now than ever before and so excited she will share her life with Jeff.

You will always be my little girl in the green sweater! Happy Birthday!

(thanks mom)

My good friend Chenin Boutwell shot some photos of me this past week for shootsac, and I think it’s nice to have a record of what I look like on my birthdays. Thanks Chenin!

As you can see, you can never be too old to have balloons and bubbles 🙂





These are all looks that people who know me well see from me often:


I just think these are cute. Also, possible hairstyle for the wedding?


Last one:


I am seriously so blessed and lucky to have the life that I have. I don’t take it for granted for a single second.

Now I must go get ready for my birthday and the killer KICKBALL party I’ll be having on Thursday. 30 is no reason to act old!