And they’re mine 🙂 Sorry everyone, I have the two cutest flower girls on the planet.

Marrying Jeff comes with quite a few perks, and one of them is his family! I went out to Ponca City this past week for a little visit and hangout time with Michael’s wife, Cyndie to visit Julie, their sister (and her family). Julie and her husband Danny have three adorable children. Michael and Cyndie have one absolutely perfect daughter named Makenzie as well, and the four kids have a BLAST when they all get together. Makenzie and Aly, Julie’s daughter are going to be the flower girls at our wedding, and even though they are only cousins, they look and act like sisters. I’m so excited that I get these two adorable girls as nieces and flower girls!

Seriously, they are so cute I can’t stand it:


Their favorite thing to do is play princesses. All the time. They NEVER get tired of it. Therefore, I think tutu’s are going to be a must-have for the big day:


I wish I had a photo like this one from my childhood:


Or this one:


I’m thinking they will wear some kind of chocolate brown leotard with a tutu in fall colors like this one: brown tutu

Just thinking about it makes me so excited!!