Bet you thought I was gone, huh? I know I should grovel, tell you how much I suck at blogging, etc., etc. and it would all be true. But let’s just try to forgive, forget, and move on, okay?

First things first! The winner of the gorgeous black and white pillow below is Cass Comeford who said this:

“Assign someone to stop you five points throughout the day so you can take a mental memory.”

Brides never realize how quickly their wedding day will go. Months, sometimes years of planning all come down to a ten hour day (if that), and it is gone in the blink of an eye. So what I want on that day is to make a point just to take things in and really be present and in the moment. And not just in the sense that I want to remember how things look, but what the whole thing really feels like. So Cass, thank you so much for this advice! Email me your address so I can have Amazon ship the pillow 🙂

Here’s how behind on blogging I am: I am now shooting weddings for people whose engagement sessions I haven’t even blogged. So here we go, with a couple I have known for a long time, Kristen and Nick.

I met Kristen about five years ago, and she’d been dating Nick for a long time then. We would talk about if and when they’d get married, and Kristen never had a doubt that it would happen someday, but that someday was probably a ways away. She never seemed impatient, just matter of fact, that they had things to do and places to go before getting married. So when I got the call one day last year that Nick had proposed, I was just so happy for them, because I know what they have gone through in the past five years and their dating has taken so much effort on both their parts!

I also knew that Nick would have found some sort of fantastic way to propose to Kristen, because Kristen had quite a few restrictions on what Nick could and couldn’t do. For example, nothing in public, nothing cliche, nothing embarrassing (all of which Nick could easily have gone for, except of course cliche). Nothing about Nick is cliche, he’s an individual to the extreme!

When they came to meet with me, one of my first questions was, “So Nick, how did you get her to agree to marry you”, and I was so excited to hear the story! With their permission, I am going to share it with you here, before I show their engagement photos.

Nick and Kristen had a day planned with friends to go to the Getty museum and spend the afternoon their looking around and having lunch. Kristen is a teach, a reader, and appreciates art, so this was a great plan for her. At the last minute, their friends backed out, so Nick and Kristen went off to the Getty on their own. Nick and Kristen ended up sitting on a bench outside the museum, when Nick told her he picked up a children’s book that she might like. He told her he wanted to read it to her, and of course she agreed! The book ended up being one Nick wrote and PUBLISHED himself, and was the story of their whole relationship! Thanks so much to Kristen & Nick for letting me post it here. He had it illustrated by an artist friend, Heather Malk, and it’s the sweetest, most creative thing I have ever seen. Score one for Nick (sorry guys, he’s got the best story ever so far)

The Dedication makes me tear up already:


This is the best part–the characters are total RINGERS for Nick & Kristen. Heather did an incredible job!!





Here’s how good Nick’s planning was–can you imagine being in this exact same spot in real life and turning to this page in the book??? Incredible. Seriously.


Well, I don’t think any guy out there is beating that one. With that, here are the photos–you’ll see how much they look alike their book figures!

Nick and Kristen are just so cute together. I loved the old fashioned look of Kristen’s dress:



A sweet moment:


A nice clean portrait:


This location is right behind my house and I just can’t get enough of it!


There’s something about this one that just makes me adore it:



Aren’t these shoes adorable?


A quick costume change and we’re good to go:


They are always laughing and having fun together:


But they never forget to be sweet with each other either:





I love this one:


Isn’t she going to be a gorgeous bride? (she was!)


One last little photo:


Coming soon:

A wedding in this crazy little chapel (a re-wedding, actually)


This beautiful bride and a Chicago wedding:


Kristen & Nick’s wedding:


This beautiful pregnant woman:


And this one:


Plus of course some fun stuff and wedding updates of my own. This is my birthday month too, and wait till you see what we have planned! Thanks for sticking with me 🙂