One thing I’ve never done before is travel with no plan at all–literally just show up at a train station or airport and head on the next trip out of there! Becker and I decided to do this a few months ago when we found out we’d have four days between workshops in different parts of Sweden. It just sounded like so much fun and so adventurous! I saw the movie, “Yes Man” last week and there’s a scene in there that’ similar, but they went to Wisconsin or somewhere like that. Well when we got to the airport, we got Istanbul!

Istanbul is an incredible, amazing place with so much to see and do. I’ll be posting my photos in several parts (as usual lately), because I want to break up what we saw into a few categories. The first place we went when we got here (besides our hotel, The W Istanbul was the world-famed spice market. Here, you can get spices of every smell, texture, and variety known to man–I’ve never seen anything like it. Some of the spices are very cheap, and some are very expensive ($80 for not very much at all!!). I didn’t actually shoot all that much in the market because I”m attracted to shiny objects, of which there were many. Here’s a few you can see:

The main street, or one of them anyway. The place is a labyrinth that they say you can visit for a month and never see it all:


There is so much delicious there!


So spicy! The saffron was especially abundant:


I LOVED these little lights! I wanted to get a whole bunch, but the outlets are different and even with adapters we weren’t sure they’d work:


Maybe I could do this in my house somewhere? 🙂


There were two kinds of items at the Bazaar–incredibly cheap junk, and incredibly beautiful treasures. Which do you think this is?


I love their flag and it makes for great photos as it is everywhere!






Today we travel back to Stockholm and then tomorrow to Gothenburg. More soon! Check out Becker’s Blog for his shots–he’s got way more posted!