It’s been a long time since I’ve spent any REAL time disconnected from the world. For two weeks, I am out of the country, mostly in Sweden to teach two workshops with Becker, one in Stockholm, and the other next week in Gothenburg. Stockholm is an awesome city, and I’m absolutely loving it here, but I am having one major issue: NO SERVICE on my iphone. Also, practically no internet. Yes, I realize that’s actually two issues, but they’re both part of the large one, which is that I’m having a hard time without being connected!

I admitted a few months ago that I’m an addict. I just love Facebook and Twitter (follow me here!, talking on the phone, emailing, surfing the internet, and all the other modern conveniences. Being without them here has really made me see how much I actually depend on those things day to day! I’ll tell you this though–I’m sure not used to it! Plus, it’s hard being away from Google and not able to chat–another thing I’m not used to!

I’ll try to get a full blog post up at some point in the next day or two before we leave Stockholm tomorrow for another 4 day adventure (we have no plans, just going to show up at the airport tomorrow to catch a flight somewhere), but for now, enjoy the following photos that Becker shot of me, and check out B’s blog for his shots from the past couple of days (his computer AND phone are connected and mine aren’t. It’s just not fair!!!)

There are so many good treats here!



I won a poker tournament here at the local casino! There were about 70 players. It was so awesome, because I couldn’t understand anything people said at the tables the whole time. So much less distracting when I can’t understand their table chatter!