Liana and Mike are married! You know, it’s always flattering when another photographer chooses me to photograph their wedding. Not that it isn’t flattering when ANYONE chooses me, but it is a little extra special when someone who knows the industry inside and out (and every photographer in it) trusts me enough to capture a day they’ve though of all their lives.

I remember talking to Liana years ago about our future weddings, neither of us knowing at the time WHO those weddings would be to! When she finally met Mike, I was just so thrilled that she found someone she wanted to spend her life with, and it was an absolute honor to be asked to photograph that day.

Of course, being a photographer herself, the day was thought out to photographic perfection, making my job phenomenally easy! Every detail was flawless, and the day couldn’t have been better. I have to admit, getting engaged the night before also made this wedding SO much fun to shoot, knowing that eventually I’d get to be in Liana’s (very cute) shoes. I was focused on she and Mike all day though, and seeing their wedding come together so beautifully for her was so wonderful to see.

The day was so gorgeous, that it’ll be a multi post, so for today, enjoy the first part! All images are digital, the film stuff will come later 🙂

Liana’s mom and sister and bridesmaids did ALL the flowers–aren’t they gorgeous??


A few details of Liana:


The dress–it was so stunning!


Nicole Deanne did the hair and makeup–she is SO talented!


Again, I just loved her flowers! Look at the little pearly details in the blooms:


The girls got ready in this super cool old house right near where the wedding was going to be, and it had lots of cool spots to shoot details:


I think she looks totally glam here:


And here:


Mike is so sweet. Liana had never received anything from Tiffany before and she told Mike she’d be happy with just the pretty blue box. Liana opened the first gift he’d sent over for her, and loved it–it was a little china Tiffany box. Then Laurel, Liana’s sister surprised her with TWO more Tiffany boxes from Mike!


Look at the beautiful baby blue stone–it’s a right-hand ring for Liana, which she wore to the wedding. As if she needed another something blue!


Time to get into that stunning dress!


Liana was one of the most beautiful brides I’ve ever seen, as I always knew she would be 🙂


Meanwhile, back at the castle (literally, the wedding was at Greystone Manor in Beverly Hills), Mike waited patiently:


and handsomely…


One of my favorite moments:


It’s always nice to have some first moments in backlit goodness 🙂 It was right about noon though, so it was a little bright to really shoot much:


Because they saw each other early, we had a few hours to roam around Santa Monica and find some great spots to shoot!


But you’ll have to wait for part two to see where we went and what we did 🙂

For now, here’s a little teaser:


Liana and Mike are hanging out down under right now (in Melbourne still, I believe), so leave them lots of love so that when they wake up, they’ll have some nice words to see!