For the longest time, I have been unwilling to consider myself a teacher. It’s not that I don’t want to share what I know with others, because I do! It’s more that I’ve always been afraid that I don’t know enough to be able to confidently and competently give my knowledge to others.

This year, I was invited to speak at WPPI, which was a huge coup for me, because I’d been attending for so long! But also because I’d been attending for so long, I’ve been to so many seminars that went the same way:

1. Photographer shows a slideshow of amazing images
2. Photographer tells why they are amazing
3. Audience agrees photographer is amazing
4. Audience leaves without really receiving information that they can USE to GROW their business, just a sense that they saw someone who was able to do what they themselves wanted to do but no idea how

Not a bad format, but really, what people really want is the nitty gritty about HOW to get there, WHAT steps to take and BECOMING a better shooter themselves! It’s very hard to do that in a group setting, so this year, when I got up to speak, instead of sharing images, I shared my mistakes and the successes that came from them. I felt it really showed people who I am as a person, and that there is no magic bullet to getting where you want to go, only a process that comes from lots of trial and error. I love it, and am still getting emails from people it affected, which has been so so incredible and humbling.

I feel that to really make a change in someone, it’s SO much better to sit one on one and really talk through the issues, the blockers, and to WORK on things, which is why I’m ready to reopen my private consulting!

We can talk about:


…and anything else you want!

I’m not saying that I know more than anyone else, but I can give you the benefit of my experiences if you are interested. No questions are off limits, and no topics too small or simple!

Please send me an email to to get rates and set up a time to meet! If you want to get a group of 2-5 people together too, that would be wonderful! If you have 10-25 people interested, I would be willing to come to your city–otherwise sessions will take place here in Orange County.

If you can’t get to OC, sessions over email (I can answer questions that way), iChat, or Skype are also available.

I can’t wait to meet some of you this summer, and I also can’t wait to learn from each other! Let’s make a change today!!