I’m ready to tell you why I haven’t been blogging. Its not my fault, its all Jeff’s fault.

You can go over to HIS BLOG and shame him for occupying my attention making it otherwise impossible for me to blog! Or else you can just laugh reading his posts, because his blog is SO funny and you’re going to love it.

Who is this mystery person, you ask? Well, if you frequent Facebook, you may have noticed a little change in my relationship status, namely, that I am in one with Jeff Norwood.

Norwood? Does that sound familiar? Oh yeah, he’s my friend Michael’s brother! You know how single people are always asking, “do you have a cute single brother?”, well, Michael did!

Here’s the one good photo we have of us:


I’m finding out though that as a photographer, although I want lots of photos of us, I’m usually the one taking them! I don’t mind it really, but due to the length of my arm, often Jeff’s head looks a bit larger than its real life size. Sorry Jeff–I think you look great in the photos anyway!

I did notice a running theme as I was going through our photos the other day though–self-portraits are ALL we have:


I guess it’s like what they say about the cobbler’s children having no shoes! Looks like it might be time to force our friends to shoot a few photos of us at some point! Any volunteers?

Also, I wanted to post this blog with a little interview from Jeff, so while I might still get that together in the next few weeks, feel free to leave a comment with any questions you may have for him and I’ll try to get him to answer a few 🙂