Sometimes I am not as good of a friend as I could be. I try hard all the time, but every now and then, time will get away from me and I realize it’s been weeks or sometimes even months since I emailed or called back (let alone SAW) a really close friend. I’ve been guilty of this lately with my Kamee, who I did these shoots for months ago and have been promising to blog ever since. I’ve been wanting to call Kamee for weeks now, but knew that I couldn’t until I posted this blog. Kam, if you’re reading this–please call!

You might know Kamee from her blog, Kam and Fam. Kamee, a newer photographer, is shaping up to shoot as beautifully as she writes, which is now a double reason to head over there and check her out. Kamee and Jaren have been sources of much encouragement for me since the very day I met them, and its such a blessing that I’ve been able to spend so much time (albeit not so much lately) with their family. I was there in the hospital when she had her newest baby, Larkin Olivia, and spent many nights at their house laughing, crying, an just generally having a great time. She is the best hugger I’ve ever met.

Normally when I post about Kamee, the post revolves around this guy, Gunnar:


But not today! Today he is just part of Team Nuzman, currently starring Larkin:


Let’s start at the beginning. Last year, Kamee was pregnant, and patiently waiting for Larkin’s arrival:


After a relatively easy time, Kamee gave birth in September to this gorgeous baby! Kam, don’t be mad that I posted these, you look beautiful:


Sweet, new, fresh baby:


Larkin had a personality right from the beginning. She is pure sweetness:


Jaren is such a good father. He sets a wonderful example for me and everyone about how a good husband and father should act. I’ve learned alot about the qualities I hope my future husband will have from him:


Not too long after, I stopped by the house to take some new baby photos. Larkin was quite well behaved:


As in, slept most of the time:


I love this one:


Isn’t this chair even cuter with a new baby in it?


Baby folds:


I am posting this one against my better judgement because Kamee will like it, but I don’t like when people put headbands on babies. It just bugs me for some reason. Pet peeve, I’m over it!!


Gotta show off the bedroom:


The piece du resistance: getting the baby to stay on that dang tray. it took SO many tries!!


Some time later, a few weeks, a few months, who knows, we did some “official” family photos:


Gunner decided at some point to be done, but he’s not a very good hider:


It was a good opportunity to shoot a few of Larkin alone with her parents:


She’s so so adorable!!


And beloved already:


This one of Jaren with his baby girl is so sweet:


A very Nuzman photo:


Gunnar showing off his baby blues:


Kamee, the picture of motherhood 🙂


I love this one!!


It’s important for people with kids to take some time out together too. I love the way Kamee and Jaren treat each other–yet another model for me of what a good relationship looks like:


It doesn’t hurt to have great light too:


Kamee and Jaren are such different personalities but compliment each other perfectly:


Plus, they’re both hot, so that helps too:


We went to the field to do a few more sexy, romantic photos:


But life with children reared its ugly (well, actually pretty dang cute) head:


Kamee was somewhat more amused than Jaren:


Isn’t she gorgeous???


Pretty much. Yup:


A typical Nuzman photo again–Jaren carrying the heavy stuff, although Larkin is getting heavier!


Kam, I hope this post serves as an apology for being a sucky friend. I miss you! Everyone else, thanks for reading–leave her lots of comments about how cute her family is so she’ll be less mad at me 🙂