Normally I don’t post about this kind of stuff here, but WHAT??? Really??? Jason goes from being the sweet, nice, single guy to America’s most hated man in 30 seconds flat last night–that’s just too good to pass up posting about!

True confession: I’m a reality TV Junkie. I love it all. Jeff got an Apple TV the other day and since then, every time he turns his back, I download some little known reality show from networks I don’t get like Little Miss Perfect or the super creepy Solitary. I know it’s not healthy, but I can’t help it. Don’t judge me.

Anyway, he and I both share a love for The Bachelor, and we’re been watching it together religiously each and every week. The truth is, it wasn’t all that interesting in the past couple of weeks, because we were 100% sure that the woman he was going to pick was Melissa:


And we were right. In fact, the only shocking moment of late was when he picked Molly over our favorite, Jillian:


Molly and he just didn’t seem to have any real chemistry–he was never all that excited to see her, and I didn’t love the whole prep/golf course thing either:


But I digress. What happened in last night’s “After the Final Rose” really was shocking! Because really, WHY DID HE PROPOSE??? If he was going to dump Melissa on primetime, he could have done what most of the other Bachelor’s do and just dated for awhile till breaking up after the show hype died down. But no, he couldn’t even get it together with himself for SIX WEEKS!

Now for the personal stuff–I know first hand what it feels like to be Melissa. And it sucks. But at least all of America didn’t have to watch me go through it, right? And I know, that’s what they signed up for when they agreed to go on the show, but certainly there could have been a better way to break it to her. And Molly?? How could she not have MAJOR trust issues with this guy? Someone who agreed to marry someone else and then did this? Not my choice of a wonderful man there, I’ll tell ya. Also, when my man proposes, I sure hope he’s not bawling over the girl he just broke up with earlier that day!!!

OH, and one more thing–that whole thing with Deanna was a TRICK!! Not dramatic at all.

Anyway, it truly was the MOST DRAMATIC AFTER THE FINAL ROSE EVER. I can’t wait for part 2 tonight.

Discuss. (don’t worry, I’ll be posting more pretty pictures in a day or two)