Okay, here we go–part 2 of Ami & Scott’s wedding day! I don’t have time today to upload the tech specs for these photos as I’m going to be working NON STOP on stuff for WPPI the next two days, namely my platform talk on WEDNESDAY at 2:30 (please come see me so I don’t feel like a loser!) as well as the big launch of HIPSLIP LAPTOP BAG this saturday!!! More on that later today.

With that said, I can tell you that I used AT LEAST one TOTALLY RAD ACTION and one KUBOTA ACTION on every single photo.

This wedding was also a team event! With me I had the fabulously talented Michael Norwood and Mark Brooke, the best photographers and friends anyone could ask for. Head over to Ami’s Blog in the next few days for a full description of everything and detailed vendor list!

The event was flawlessly coordinated by Kim & Julie of Eventologie in Atlanta.

Okay, here we go–the calm before the storm:


Charlie was the cutest little ring bearer I’ve ever seen!


He didn’t actually have the rings, but he did make it down the aisle!


And is clearly Ami’s favorite guest:


I love this look she is giving Scott when she gets to him:


Their friend officiated, which was very special for both of them:


Yup, you may have noticed that Ami is a 2 dress bride–isn’t this beautiful?


Woo hoo! 10 years together!


I love love love the mood and feeling of this photo. This is how I would love to set up my own wedding someday: Long tables rock.


Another slightly out of focus mistake that I love anyway:


Ami and Scott have been taking dancing lessons for right about 2 years. They can dance like total pros! One cool thing was that they actually had two dance instructors at the wedding to help teach their guests how to ballroom dance!


So sweet!


Just a cute moment:


I love when couples dance together more than just the first dance: Scott looks like he has great form in this one!


Some new friends! Kate & Matt Altmix who were kind enough to show us around Atlanta the next day and lose their money to us at cards that night 🙂 If you’re looking for a photographer in Atlanta, they are awesome–I love their style and personalities!!


Of course there was some fun dancing too:


And then…HAPPY NEW YEAR 2009!!


I am so stoked about how this one came out!


There were tons of detail pics, so click the little gallery below to see a few. Ami & Scott, thank you SO much for being a part of your day. I know how much time and work went into this, and I hope that I did it justice 🙂