On Friday night, I threw the Boutwells a little neighborhood baby shower! Chenin requested there be no measuring her stomach or too much baby shower BS, so for months I debated about the best way to celebrate the impending arrival of the newest little one! So many ideas were tossed around–some good, some heinous, but eventually I decided to go for the gold and pick the absolute best–80’s prom! I knew that all our friends would get into the spirit of the theme and I was not disappointed.

In case you’ve been living under a rock, Chenin=cheninboutwell.com and Doug=the totally raddest actions ever!

Since I am just starting to get to the age where my friends are having babies, I didn’t know the first thing about how to throw a shower. I had ideas, but no way to implicate them, especially since I was going to be gone for the majority of the planning period. It was by complete coincidence and absolute blessing that the incredibly talented

KELLY AGUILAR OF SOCIAL BUTTERFLY EVENTS stepped in to help me. Seriously, this is THE hottest new coordinator in the So. Cal area. I have no idea how she managed to think of so many creative little touches and organize everything so quickly. I didn’t give her much to work with in any area and she made this party look better than most of the proms I’ve been to. So if you need a wedding coordinator, party coordinatory, or sanity-saver, give her a shout. I think she’ll be pretty booked this year 🙂

She pulled together some things right away. Somehow, she got DJ Peter Papadopolous to agree to spin some 80’s tunes all night–this party would NOT have been cool without him! He rocked it!

One thing I knew I wanted was for this party to be like, totally 80’s in every way. Cheezy and awesome. What fits the bill more than a balloon arch??


Of course the whole front room needed to be filled with balloons too!


Catering was done by 24 Carrots whom I LOVE. The standing food was short rib and wasabi mashed potatoes and mac & cheese in individual servings, but my favorite things that I never get to have at weddings are chocolate fountains, so I made sure there was one of those:


One of Kelly’s awesome details–The Totally Awesome Box Of 80’s Prizes! Everyone got to pick a horrible 80’s prize such as a cabbage patch doll, a 45, a Jane Fonda workout book, and a host of other equally awful 80’s leftovers:


Remember when these were cool?


The CAKE was my favorite element of the party. It was a group effort that was so incredibly pulled off by the incomparable GRACE FROM SWEET GEMS. Grace is a genius–truly. This cake was absolutely amazing–nobody even knew it was the cake! From the details of the ugly baby topper to the Super Mario holding the cake up, it was truly a masterpiece. Her wedding cakes are equally if not more awesome and insane:



The coolest thing is that the garbage pail kids at the base of the cake were actually everyones’ names that were at the party. And they were edible. SO SO SO cool!!!


You might be wondering as you see the photos below why the ladies look so hot. There’s a reason–the hair and makeup were done by the super SUPER talented Nicole Deanne, who besides being phenomenally talented is also Amelia Lyon’s sister

The couple of honor (plus Max, in utero)


Me, in the awesomest mullet dress ever:


(note all the awesome corsages & lapel pins by Elegant by Design

All the usual suspects came out. Michael Norwood




Vic & Rachael Sizemore


Alex & Julie from Elysium


Nate & Jaclyn Kaiser


John Mireles and Jen Dery


Jeff Norwood, Michael’s brother recently moved out here! You should read his blog–it is hilarious. The only thing wrong with it is that he doesn’t post more, but maybe if you all start reading and commenting on it, it will encourage him. It is seriously SO funny!

These pics are funny–one of these things is not like the others…


Of course, two Norwoods are better than one:


Candice Brooke looking fabulous with her crimped side pony:


Tony Bisson and Kate Kelley


These two pics are awesome, and the first one is just wrong in every way! I do love Cyndie’s teal & pink though!


What the heck is going on here??


Me and Julie:


These boys are H.O.T!


The girls! In the bottom we’re playing a little game I like to call, “let’s make Chenin feel uncomfortable”. Don’t worry Chenin, it’s almost over!D


Doug makes a very handsome prom king:


Aw, they’re so cute!


Some hawt details:


Okay, so we played Pictionary at the end. Candice drew the photo below. A FREE SHOOTSAC goes to the first person to leave a comment with the actual clue that she was drawing:

**UPDATE–THE ANSWER WAS FIN! Dana Grant wins–email me, Dana :)** Personally, I don’t see “fin”. 🙂


The reactions from the peanut gallery:


Doug and Chenin–we are all so excited to meet the newest member of the Ladera Social Club! He’ll fit right in since he’ll likely be up all night! All his aunts and uncles are excited for him to get here already!!